Wizard Ranks determine the level of job you can take within a Guild, as well as competency for certain higher rank exams.

Ranks Edit

Aspirant: This rank is reserved for Academy students, until they test out or pass enough classes to graduate.

Mage: The rank all guild members start at. Rank can be advanced by S Class trial. 

S Class: Ranking Mages in a Guild. Able to take harder jobs that grant higher rewards. 

Wizard Saint: Chosen for a great act of magic or great power. Rarely granted. Council members are generally ranked 1-5. 

Apex: The Peak of Perfection. Generally invincible, with the reputation of causing worth-shattering events. Powers are rooted in the essence of Magic itself and/or represents the limit of magical potential. Widely known as deities. Extremely rare; only 3 known. 

Requirements for Advancement Edit

All new members start as Mages, with no exceptions. To advance, these steps are REQUIRED.

Aspirant>Mage (If required to start in the Academy) Edit

To advance from Aspirant to Mage, show proficiency in roleplay and bio building.

Mage>S Class Edit

To advance from Mage to S Class, the Mage must take and pass an S Class trial given by an Official Guild. This trial is subject to change, and will be announced by a Guildmaster no less than two weeks before it begins.

S Class>Wizard Saint Edit

To attain this advancement, a Mage must either show tremendous power, or do a great act of magic recognized as beneficial by the Council.