Water Demon
Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Takeover
Age 16
Guild Name Glacier Storm
Guild Mark location Left rib, under left breast
Team Name Overrun Takeover
Guild Rank E
Screen Name NPC Played by KatsuoOda

Personality Edit

Rose for the most part is shy but assertive when it comes to combat, using more mind control methods than head on power attack, since she's not very strong. Once you get to know the girl a bit more you'll actually see a different side of her, she's more Affectionate and clingy than she is shy. Making her laugh shall be the highlight of your day.

History Edit

Rose, and her older brother Arges, were both once proud members of an underwater demon tribe off a tropical coast often plagued by pirates, but the tribe steered clear of human kind, for the pirates in the area were known to show no mercy, abducting the demon tribe members and selling them for their extremely beautiful scaly skin, that gleamed in vivid moonlight. Because of this trait they were known as moonfish.

One day the pirates in the waters began hunting the moonfish more than usual, and had soon wiped out the entirety of the race. rose and Arges are just two of those who had escaped, and are in hiding. What better place to hide from those who would harm you then a place where hardly no people live?

The two of them told their story to Figgy, and to Koritoko Hiryu, and have been a part of their protection and friendship for years. Rose and her older brother do however have a small fear of their once home, the sea after what has happened, but who could blame the poor souls, humanity can be a cruel unforgiving bitch.

Abilities Edit

Takeover Magic: The Siren - E


Rose has the ability to transform into a siren, and has all the mythical traits of one to boot. Meaning, her songs when she sings in this form will attract the opposite sex and hypnotize them into beleiving she is harmless, but be careful, her bark may be bad, but her piranha like bite is what will kill you.