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Personality Edit

Cool and calm but when angered she can be cold and twisted. She often acts like she's weak and innocent but only to fool others which is an advantage to her by making them underestimate her. She's also brilliant always planning a head before her enemies which makes her deadly. 

Bio Edit

Mara Vashon a young girl who knew nothing but the life of crime and all that is wicked. She had lost her parents after birth and was taken in by a gang of bandits which taught her everything about crime and everything wrong. As she grew she learned about magic and was fantasized by it so she took a chance to study it along with other things. Although she was raise by bandits she was a brilliant girl which always help her bandit family to plan ahead. Once she reach her teenage age she grew bored of the life of a bandit and decided to head in search of a guild to learn more magic. She knew which kind she wanted to be a place where she belongs and that was a dark guild. 

Abilities Edit

Vampire soul is an increase in speed and strength for a limit of time which is about 30 minutes, Also with this magic she is able to shoot energy from her hands such as a red like fire ball, a ball of lighten which she either shoots directly towards a target or just use it to shock anyone who goes near her. And a energy like shield to protect which not only protects her but allows her to heal any small cuts and bruises. She also can grow wings which allows her to escape when ever she feels she needs to. Mara can also summon bat like creature to help her which allows her to transform into a vampire like creature when ever they bite her. The bats can also assist her in several ways like spying or as a distraction to buy her time to regain her energy after the 30 minutes are up. Both her and the bats that she summon use ultra sound screams that either she or the bats use to make anyone dizzy depending on the person. The ultra sound screams are also a way her and the bats communicate. When ever she transforms or not she is able to use her magic but the differences in power becomes a few times greater.