Personality Edit

Mai is super outgoing and loves to make friends, she is a bit naive and can be very sensitive. Mai will get pretty serious in battle, which is a side you never really see unless she is fighting or if you hurt her friends.

Bio Edit

Mai had a unique childhood, she wasn't much like the other children because as they all enjoyed playing out in the sun, Mai couldn't. Mai was albino like her mother so anytime she went outside she had to be shaded from the sun. in Mai's teen years things got hard her mother died and her father slowly slipped into depression and deciding to go on adventures to fight monsters alone and one day he just didn't come back. Mai lived on her own traveling from place to place, learning from wherever she could how to use her magic.

Abilities Edit

Frosted Echo Edit

Mai waits for the attacker to get into mid range the forms a glacier quickly sliding it directly at them doing all over body damage. then while they are still affected by the first hit she forms another glacier behind them and attacks from behind.

White Rose Edit

This is where Mai gets close to the attacker, moving swiftly evading they're attacks while pushing 1 inch nail sized ice shards into the pressure points of the attacker.

Tranquility Edit

This is Mai's healing trick through simple meditation if she can get away from the battle in time and clear her mind, tapping into her aura she can heal a small amount of herself.

Dancing On Ice Edit

This is when Mai makes the surface beneath her and the enemy a thin sheet of ice giving her a swifter movement and them slipping around. she usually waits for them to fall and knock themselves out but if she has to she will make the ice turn to spikes right as they are going down.

Crying Dove Edit

This is her last resort move where she puts herself directly under the sun (works best if the temperature is very high) and as her body gets more stressed out she will collapse and send a wave of below freezing air over anyone who is close enough to her making there bodies go instantly into hypothermia causing limbs to fall off or even death, it is highly dangerous and does a great deal of damage to her.

Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Unknown
Magic Type Unknown
Age Unknown
Class {{{fourth Unknown}}}
Aspiration {{{fifth Unknown}}}