About: Edit

Gully is the Commander of Arachnis's Ranks. All though him and Arachnis is not married, they have two children together, both as wicked as they are.

Appearance: Edit

Gully is extremely muscular and almost like an ogre. He wears a samurai like suit with a golden and black mask, the rest of his suit being black and red. On his hip is a large Odachi sword which he uses to cleave down his enemies, and knock them down with his extreme amount of force.

Abilities: Edit

Brute Power- Edit

Gully Is know for his ability to overcome enemies using nothing but brute force. When he mixes this factor with his Odachi, he very easily cleaves through his enemies weapons and bodies like paper. He is also able to withstand powerful attacks because of this.

Magic: Brute Magic Edit

Brute magic allows the use to apply an INSANE amount of brute force into his or her attacks. All though the user becomes insanely strong, they lose most of their speed. Brute magic also allows Brute Speed, which allows the user to suddenly launch themselves at an extreme speed and tear down anything in its way like a bullet, but in order to get to such speed the user must first start off slow.