Ferals are failed experiments of Syntec Genetics, and can take either a human or animal form.

Known Types Edit

There are several types of Feral, those we know of are listed here.

Humanoid Edit

These Ferals are the result of failed human trials. They are normally smarter than other Feral types, but only as strong as an average human, and have no regenerative properties.

Wolf Edit

The result of environmental contamination, Wolf-type Ferals are every bit as predatory as their normal counterparts. Wolf-type Ferals are incredibly strong and incredibly fast. This type tends to move in packs of 4.

Gorian Edit

Gorian-type Ferals are the failed result of early trials. Much bigger than their unaffected counterpart, they are also exceptionally dumb. Normally found in caves, they are extremely sensitive to light.

Wyvern Edit

These large, flying Ferals are sometimes able to breathe fire. Though nearly blind, they can hunt by smell or by sound, making them very difficult to evade.

Boar Edit

Boar-type Ferals are small, heavy creatures with razor-sharp tusks. Hunters are advised to avoid its charging attack.

Hybrid Edit

A Hybrid-type Feral is the result of genetic splicing, and may feature parts of many animals. These were built to be perfect killing machines, and are extremely fast, strong and intelligent. It is not advised to take these on alone.