Indra panda
Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Phantom Magic
Age Unknown
Class 1A
Aspiration Star Child

Personality Edit

Takumi, a twin brother to indra, is quite tricky and unpredictable, often referred to as the trouble maker in the land of earth. His wild and insane personality is clearly shown most of the time.

Bio Edit

Coming Soon

Abilities Edit

His Magic Allows him to phase through objects in a ghostly manner and manipulate phantom matter (A form of dark enrgy particularly used by phantoms).

Ability 1- Edit

Phantom Aura: Allows him to pass through solid objects with low kinetic energy. This means walls, people (If they're standing still), Floors and other things. This ability also allows him to Semi float in the air. He can also pass this aura on to objects such as weapons.

Ability 2 Edit

Phasing- Allows him to let 1 limb on his body pass through any object at a time, even if it has high amounts of kinetic energy.

Ability 3 Edit

Phantom Fist
Phantom FIst 2

Phantom energy- He creates transparent energy that can be manipulated in numerous ways such as creating fist to pound his enemies, or like weapons and energy waves and things like that. Most of th time, he uses this ability to create giant fist that can extend from wherever they are emitted from (usually a black magic circle). These can be partially spammed to pound enemies.

Ability 4 Edit

Phantom Intangibility- He turns his entire body into a phantom like state where he cannot touch physical matter and physical matter cannot touch him. It is a defense mechanism that burns away at magic energy until there is little left to where it auto shuts off and will kill him if it gets to that point.

Ability 5 Edit


Phantom Form- This is where his body takes on the form of a phantom, allowing him to have increased Durability/regeneration (Limited to head and heart wounds and wounds that are too deep, the regeneration might take a while), and Anti-Gravity, but nerfs his physical strength and speed by 25%.

Tools and Equipment Edit

-Simple Dual Knives

Other Edit