Water Demon
Vital Statistics
Magic Classification Caster
Magic Type Takeover
Age 19
Guild Name Glacier Storm
Guild Mark location Left Breast
Team Name Overrun Takeover
Guild Rank B
Screen Name NPC played by KatsuoOda

Personality Edit

Arges is a natural born leader, his strategic mind, calm nature, and raw power make him quite a bit egotistical, so he can be a jerk toward others without even noticing. his goal is to be one of the most powerful mages, and nothing will get in his way to do so. He finds it hard to trust humans, even those he befriends, the only person he fully trusts is his sister, and she's always quiet.

He's quite protective of his sister, despite his fear of the sea, which he plans to conquer.

History Edit

(see Rose) due to his and his sister's past, Arges has grown a lot of hate towards humans, and trusts no one, not even Figgy, who clothed him, and gave him a new home. One day Arges found a spell book, that held the spells of sinister magic. the book consumed him, caused him to change, soon Arges believed he could conquer the world using this book, by summoning a beast that could wipe everything he hated, the human race. The ultimate revenge for his people.

At the cost of Koritoko hiryu's friendship, Arges went through with his plans, but a spell from the ice dragon slayer stopped it, and the hometown of figgy became frozen in time. to thaw it out Arges placed a capture on sight on Koritoko, and the Ice dragon slayer ran off in search of help, to stop Arges and return the man to his senses, some how.

Abilities Edit

Takeover Magic: The Leviathan - B


the name is just as it sounds, in or out of sea the Leviathan was a fearsome beast, untameable and cruel as the name suggests. It's a perfect smashing, thrashing, biting, squeezing form for Arges, strong and hard to defeat with tough scales and thick skin.