Aconite Town

Reposted so it's in the righ place. Minx/Ollie

Job Location:  Aconite Town

Job Description:  Stop a gang from extorting business owners for "protection."  Keep destruction to a minimum.

Job Reward (if applicable): Magic Item (if Holder), EXP (see ranking page)

Job Status:  finished by {Oliver} and *Minxie*

MInxie:: *The guild hall was abundant in guildmembers all having their own set of abilities, ranks and partners.The guild room was large and made of stone and wood, and had many types of furnature that had been taken up by the numerous groups of people.Minxie had yet to be placed into a guild. But luckely she was given permission to take on some small jobs until such a time comes up. Minxie stood 5'6 about normal size for a girl of 24 years. SHe had been standing infront of the billboard with her long brown locks curled around her finger in a wondering fashion. pink eyes scanning and rescanning the job listings until she finds one that would prove to be perfect for her abilities. The extortionist job. She reads it over after tearing it from the wooden object* i i need someone to come with me... *She turns away from the board and wonders around the great hall sorting out who may be available or not. finally the bright idea of announcing the job would be best so she stands on one of the bar stools and calls out loudly* Who wants to join me in a e class job?! *she says and waits for a responce {OO} Oliver was spinning around on a bar stool, despite being under the age of twenty-one, at the bar (believe it or not, that's where bar stools are commonly found). He was minding his own business, pondering what to do today, and what to grab to eat. Though his plans (or lack there of) were derailed when a girl from out of whothehellknowsistan came and tried to ask him [well anyone in this case, but being the only one around, you know for help. Sure he was a D-rank now, but weren't there more qualified wizar-oh wait, it's a Monday, most of the B-rank and ups were sleeping off massive hangovers, because their guildmaster is an alcoholic, and he has come to terms with that. Oliver jumped up onto his bar stool, snatching the paper up out of the girl's hands with the sharp hook of his cane and holding it up to read the details. "Allllright, I'll tag along, just don't get anything broken inside your body. Breaking things outside of it are okay, but not advised. Let that be a lesson to remember, broken things are better on the outside than the inside." The kid was quite eccentric. "Now where do we go?" {OO} *Minxie blinks as the paper is taken from her by a cane. her eyes trailing after the item until the one who was holding the cane spoke and got her attention* oh uhm..Aconite Town...its a few towns over if im correct.tell me what rank are you sir? *She asks the alburn haired male who was seemingly as excited as she was to finally get a job. She gets off her stool and awaits an answer. giving him 1 minute to answer before she starts moving towards the couch she left her bag on. she didnt have a place to stay yet so she had been sleeping on the couches in the main room. She lugs it over ehr shoulder and heads to the door* i sure hope this goes well~ im so excited to show what i can do! *she smiles happily and extends her hand to the other wizard* Im minxie Spirito by the way its nice to meet you sir! {OO} Yea, Oliver was already out the door when the girl had introduced herself, the moment he had heard Aconite town he started going the wrong way. Despite coming from a line of dungeoneering and merchants, he was bad at his initial sense of direction whenver he went somewhere. The girl had better catch up to him before he got too far in the wrong direction. He did call back to her though, "I'm Oliver Oxford! the most dapper of fellows in the guild!" {OO} *Minxie watches the boy walk away, giving a light giggle when he called back* wrong way oliver sir! its this wayy! *She calls back and wait for him to catch up to her as she starts for the train station. Her heels lightly tapping on the cobblestone road. She ducks her head lightly as she blushes, being from a oisolated community she had not yet gotten used to the towns people. the guild was another thing she felt more at home with wizzards around. the mermaid peeks over to see if the other was following* sir oliver what majoc is yours? im water make~ nothing outstanding but i can hold my own~ *she says trying to create conversation as they would walk* {OO} Turning on his heel when the girl told him he was heading the wrong way, turning on a dime and strolling off after Minxie. She seemed nice, if a bit of a novice, but that's okay, we all start somewhere right? Well while walking through the town and on the way to the locomotive station, he was questioned about what his magic did. He held his cane up over his head and pointed to the golden angled hook with his free hand. "This, it's this." Being a bit cryptic on purpose, he would rather show her what it did to blow a mind rather than drone on about how great the item was to catalog the unique magics instilled upon it by his ancestors. {OO} *Minxie looks up to the cane and regards it with fastination* that is neet~ so your cane is your magic item?? *She asks as she loosk it over. her hands play with the strap of her dufflebag. She tilts her head as she observes* well then this makes you a classy wizzard. the only thing your missing is a top hat~ *She jokes lightly and hops up the stairs to the large building that housed the train stops. large pillars sepperate the one side of the building from the other, and inside were many people comming and going from and to various destinations. A large screen positions over the main room shows off the information of each train. she spots their train and points to it* there! the 113 express! we must hurry! *she exclaims and picks up the pace wanting to make the train on time* tickets tickets~ *she sings lightly and trots up to the ticket booth* 2 tickets to Aconite Town please! *she says to the statiosn ticket manager* {OO} Oliver, just looking around at the architecture of the train station with his tongue running over the fronts of his teeth whilst his mouth was shut, just passing the time as Minxie handled paying for the tickets. It wasn't until after the tickets were paid for and Oliver was in his seat on the train that he brought up a topic to Minxie, "You know, you could have put the expense on the guild's tab. For future reference." He looked out the window as the scenery went by, tip-tapping away rhythmically against the window. He was more than capable to handle this mission, despite his rank that is, he was considered an unofficial A-rank thanks to the skills he showed during the tournament, having taken down three slayers of varying types consecutively. "So what brought you to Demon Howl?" He would listen to the story all the way to Aconite town and depart when the train stopped. {OO} *Minxie follows to their seats on the train and gets comfy, her bag under her head as she lays across her seat* well... i dont belong to the guild so i cannot pay with its money~ *she taps her fingers together and whispers* water make bubble~ *She plays with a small water bubble that slips out of her fingers* My village was distroyed. i had nothing left there but ruin. so i traveled looing for means to become find a new home~ nothing all that fancy of a past you know..the usual mother was gone so i was raised by my dad who protected the village and got killed when we were attacked...he was my best friend. and i lost him...but he always told me 'be the best you can be and take care of your friends!' *she says in a cute fake boy voice. the bubble bouches between her finegrtips* what about you? whats your story?? {OO} After getting off of the train with Minxie, Oliver was walking along through Aconite town, trying to find the location where their job was. "Well I left my home country because I could not handle the glares and thoughts of my family's history -- I supposedly come from the bloodline of the King of Thieves, you see. And it all came from an artefact that one of my museum curating relatives had placed an exhibit on display. The item on display was a long lost piece of a royal insignia, which when discovered, people just decided to put one and two together to make five and decide that our entire family was a line of thieves. Our sales in the merchant district tanked, our reputation for getting people to go on exploratory expeditions was tarnished. We basically got the shit end of the broom used to clean up the mess left by the circus animals." He wasn't aware just how true the Thief of Thieves thing was though for his family history. {OO} *Minxie nods as she walks along with him listening to his story* well now...people are quick to judge without hearing the story besides finders keepers. *she says simply and looks at the paper then up at a group of merchants* ill ask these people if they know who this buisness guy is~ *she volenteers abd scurries up to the group* excuse me gentlemen... have you seen this buisness? *she gives them the name and nods to their answer* -just downt he road missy cant miss it, the sign is big and green' says a shop owner that was talking to the group- ah thank you sir~ *she waves to them and motions for oliver to come with her* its just up the road! {OO} Oliver, following after Minxie, found the shop in question and inside a portly man with a moustache extending from his sideburns a few inches out past his face Ulysses S Grant style. Well they were here for a job so, "Hello sir, we got word of your predicament and decided to come lend you our aid. Seeing as the dullards in question aren't around at the moment, we could lie in wait for them and then spring a trap like-" Oliver leapt up on a small piece of furniture, arms spread wide and his jacket ends held in both hands to spread it like wings, "-SURPRISE ASSHOLES!" Though Oliver didn't realize the group in question was already on its way to collect its 'rpotection fee' {OO} *Minxie giggles and looks around* yes yes we will help. to suprise someone you must blend in~ *she ties a scarf over her head to make herself look like a normal villager as she browses the shop* hmm letsee here... ohhh~ i love this little thing~ *she holds up a small stuffed sheep, pink in color with little button eyes* i think i shall buy this sir~ *she says as the goons walk in, she walks over to the till and puts the sheep on the counter. her back was to the group as she hums a nice tune, her ears listening in on them. getting a feel for the number and the wieght they carry with their footsteps. she looks to the hop keeper and winks* i heard from betty you have a nice statue of a dove~ would you be a gentleman and find it in the back please? how i love a dove statue~ *she says descretely dismissing the man to the backroom where it was one way in one way out and she would be the bericade between the shop keeper and the goons who were grunting behind her* {OO} Well they were dealing with a bunch of muscle speak mages it seemed, as by the looks of their inhuman muscle shapes and sizes. "You gentlemen look like you need a gym membership!" Seriously? He went there? Oliver has a death wish or something. But that wasn't the problem, the problem was that one of them who had a short temper tried to rush Oliver right away. Kicking his cane from underneath himself and spinning it in the air with a bright blue glow, a magical circle was created, "Stellar Circle Number Three!" A concussive blast of energy erupted from the circle, flying out like a short range laser that shoved the guy right on out through the open door and into a park bench. "You all saw that, self-defense aaaaand I seem to have annoyed the rest of you, fantastic." Hopping down to the floor and walking right between them with his hands held up high, Oliver walked right on by the gentlemen and outside, "Now guys, let's all just calm down, we can settle this like adults, you know, civilized and whatnot. Your friend is gonna get up just fine see? I mean it's not like I could take you all on my own, who am I to pressure you from stopping your extortion game? I'm just a single mage!" He was clearly stalling and trying to signal something. {OO} *Minxie watches the other and smiles as they seem to follow Oliver's lead. Minxie raises her hand like a police man would their guns, left palm open flat, and the right curled up in a partial fist, pointer finger extended forwards and thumb straight up* Water make Pistol! *she announces as water erupts from the cicle created forming a gun in the matter on a second. her hand grabs the new made weapon out of the air and aims it straight at the closest goon. she smirks excitedly and shoots, a twing! sounding through the air as the shot punctures into the muscle of the right shoulder of her opponent, the pain enough to make the goon wince and growl at her as he turns to look at the water wizard* awe did i poke the monkey?are you mad?wats wrong you monkeys into little boys?? *she asks as her hands redo the same hand sign*water make arsenal: shotgun! * minxie walks out of the shop having the group inbetween her and oliver* common you scum lets dance! *She cheers and pumps the berral a shk-shk sound comming from the h2o weapon* {OO} While one more of the muscle speak fools went down for a moment, the other that Oliver had toppled over was getting up and changing his muscles to focus on his calves and thighs, getting a great boost in speed and kick ability! This spelled trouble for Oliver who had just gotten punted by that calf crazy creepazoid, clearly clammoring for concepts with the letter C. Oliver, while midflight, was engulfed in a quick flash of light, changing his appearance entirely and the overall shape and function of his cane! "Twila!" Oliver's scarf changes into a super long scarf that has openings on the end to act liek gloves so that the scarf itself is like a pair of sleeves to go with a sleeveless top whose collar goes up to his nose with bagginess. A pair of white shorts that goe just past his knees and black shoes with white soles that goe halfway up his shins adorn his lower body. The cane changes from a single cane-length item to a pair of 'canes' that are so much similar in shape to the base shape with a wider arc as if scythe-like hooks, they are linked together by a magical tether that can solidify, extend and retract. The tether is metaphysical, meaning that it can be passed through and will give a shock to those it touches, but it cannot be grabbed. He spun his left hook around via the tether a few times before throwing it, "Great Reach!" As if caught in a vacuum that collapsed in on itself, the hook shot with great ferocity, latching onto by coiling around a light post. "Yank!" And then, just as quickly as Oliver had gotten airborne, he was pulled straight back to the ground, unleashng the hook from the light post, utilizing a third ability of the tethered pair, getting it to come right back to his free hand and getting a corkscrew spin from the torque, and while midair and coming toward the ground, there was another flash of light. Again Oliver's cane and outfit changed, into that of a squire's garb and a massive shield. The shield itself is simplistic but the adornments of the original cane being used as the handle and embroidered canes held in the mouths of different animals on the front of it. Oliver's scarf becomes a cloth veil hanging over the back of his head with light plating on the top to fasten the knight style face mask on the front of it. His top becomes sleeveless with a wrist length gauntlet on the left hand and a shoulder length gauntlet on his right. His pants become leather-ish with plating on the shins and down the feet, suspenders keeping the pants up over the shoulders due to the plates' weight. With that all done, Bulwark crashed into the ground with great force, sending cobble stone this way and that in every direction with Oliver in the epicenter of it all. {OO} *Minxie eyes the muscle creeps and lets out a small exhale when one chifts its form, kicking her teammate into the air. what looked to be utterly painful also seemed to give oliver a chance to get equipped. She squeaks when the earth shatters and rumbles, making her form shake with it. She was suprised at the power the other had in just his landing alone, add some nifty dress and weapon chnages and she was in awe* wow~ so thats what its like to be a higher class~ *she lets out a small girlish giggle and aims at the same muscle guy who she had shot a moment earlier. The brownette narrows her eyes refocusing* alright your mine! *She lets ehr shot fly a loud squishy broop! resounds as the shot rings out, hitting the man in the chest. the muscly wierdo flexes his chest and gets out a growling rawr as the shot simply pushes him back* are you kidding me?! how the hell do you not get blown in two?! *She squaks at the chuckling enemy in a squeakish voice* that is it! i hate you all! *she yells at the ape-like male in a feat to intimidate it into defeat* {OO} While hindered in terms of movement in this form, Oliver was more than capable of maneuvring around! "Egret!" Clacking his massive shield off of the ground and then lifting it upwards, he let himself get rocketed up about ten feet by a small bubble barrier beneath his feet, landing near Minxie. "Howdy." Spinning around and going on the defensive with the door sized shield to keep her from getting hit, "Soooo here's the thing. I know we aren't supposed to damage much if at all, but this thing ain't exactly a dainty ballerina. Gonna need ya ta get to the fightin, savvy?" He was absorbing blow by blow, the shield's animals starting to light up one by one as it stored all the kinetic output into it. He had to even grab and spin his colleague around to get to her other side and block an onslaught from two of the goons at once with the shield, backing up toward the store entrance, creating a good defensive bottle neck. "Also, just telling them you hate them isn't gonna make them stop trying to punch us, just an eff-why-eye." {OO} *Minxie smiles to her comrad and moves with him as he explains the plan* alright i got it~ *She inhales and thrusts her hands out the bottom of her palms comming together, a magic circle apearing between her fingers that she bends and connects at the tips, like a shark bite* water make shark! *She growls and a large whoosh of water shoots from the jaw-like makeup of her hands. Before the water forms it would move with high speed past the enamies that were hitting the shield. pushing them back with enough force to send them 6 meters backwards. The water jet collects into a large shark-like figure that lets out an earpiercing growl, its body was nearly see-through, jaws open wide showing off 13 rows of razor sharp teeth*shark bite!! *She shouts the order and moves her hands still together as the sharks tail starts swishing from side to side rapidly. The attack aimed to eat two opponents, if the attack shall fail it will result in the shark relocating in the sky above for another round* {OO} Well that was one guy taken down. Or rather, one guy sent flailing and screaming due to an intense phobia of sharks and having gotten bit by the shark spell that the water make mage had created. Meanwhile, Ari was getting tired of being on the defnesive and slammed his shield down into the ground, activating all the lit up creatures adorning the shield, creating a dome of interlocked hexagons that caught the next blow sent its way, "Tortoise." All the built up force and the latest blow got sent out half-fold from the shield. But even half power, the strength of twenty punches over the course of thirty seconds will feel like ten in a single blow. As was evidenced by the thug that got the blow straight in the stomach and was brought to his knees. "Okay, these guys might not be the toughest of enemies, but they are definitely persistent." {OO} *Minxie grins and opens her hands makign a butterfly with her palms* water make giant butterfly!! *She grins bigger as the shark morfs, slowly expanding into a large butterfly shape, her hands go from a virtical position to a horazontal and the butterfly comes crashing down on the group with the force of 1 ton. The water weight woudlnt cause danage to the earth as it splatters on the ground* i have a plan please keep them distracted~ *she says as the group is soaked to the boen with her water spell. She puts her hand to her chest and whispers* water make melt~ *her skin melting slowly into the ground out of eyesight of the men as the shield blocks the view* {OO} "Oh yea, no, don't worry. I will keep them occupied while you just, go wherever. No biggie." Oliver was just talking to the air by now as Minxie disappeared while Oliver was left getting a pummeling on his shield, just chrging up for another blast. The problem was that with only so much directional defense, he had no defense on other sides, where an ally could stand and defend his back. Something that the brutes were trying to take advantage of! Flanking around him, they tried to get Ollie's side, but he was already pulling himself up and over the top of his shield, kicking it so that it stood on one angled point and with a second kick, started spinning. "Stellar Circle number one!" A blue glow one second and the next a thin radial blast of magical energy sent them all backwards with some pain, and staggering them for a combo attack to finish them all off, "Any time now wherever the hell you went Minxie!" {OO} *Minxie was positioning herself inside the water as oliver takes the offensive and also their attention,her hands clamp together as she stares up through the waters surface, seeming like she was in a pool and looking up at the sufrace.circles form on the waters surface, pulling the thugs in one by one into what seemed to be just a wet street, the wizards yelp and disapear. She takes out three of the 5 and reamerges from the water clear at first then retaking her origonal form. water drips from her cloths and hair * 2 left~ what shall we do...hmm..*SHe grins hungrely at the two left over her hands slowly raising, her breaths comming out as pants as she takes a step forward towards them* they didnt hurt you did they oliver?? *she asks as she inches towards her partner* {OO} The other two, seeing their comrades disappear into the briney deep on a local street, just kind of give up out of sheer terror. Meanwhile, Oliver, who was now sitting on top of his doorshield, had a look of bewilderment and slight worry, looking at her, "Uhhh, I'm okay, are those three gonna be? I mean, you are a legal mage, you can't go drowning anyone unless you absolutely have to." {OO} *Minxie calms and giggles* yesh they are fine. they are being held in my prison~ *She answers and turns her head towards the fightened two left. She makes a flat palm with her left hand and culrs the fingers on her right, bringing them together she summons the water prison that lifts up out of the water, the three uncontious inside it. she swallows up the last two and they end up in the prison with the others* well all done, cant say we didnt leave anyting unharmed...*she lets go of her hands position and the prison and the criminals are stred away until she takes them out of their holding cell later. she walks back into the store and grabs her paid merchendise and lets the store keeper out of the backroom* your safe now. thankyou for the sheep~ *she smiles and leaves the store* {OO} "Well that's all fine and dandy about them being alive still, but you know we can't leave yet right? We have to wait for the Rune Knights to arrive to escort them away before we can leave. Gotta get the job paper stamped with approval." Oliver made a strong case for them to wait, and wait he would, until the Rune Knights did indeed arrive and exchange a stamp for the taking of the five criminals, carting them off to Whothehellcares Prison. {OO} *MInxie does as told and gives the criminals to the knights getting the first job done. her eyes shining as she stares at the stamp* WOW!!! we did it! we got it done!! eeee yayyY!!!!!! *she squeals and picks up oliver in a hyper spinning hug before she lets him go and skips around* heheheee~ i so kicked butt!!