Ringvale Hollow

-Rezz was sitting out in the training courtyard behind the guildhall enjoying some of the early morning air, he was half meditating half waiting for the new recruit to show up. Azuma had told him hed be testing a new candidate to join the guild and to test her in the usual fasion, and aside from her being a celestial wizard he didnt know anything else about who she was. He could feel someone approaching and stood up off the ground and tilted his head to the sides until his neck popped and then rolled his shoulders to loosen up his joints. Crossing his arms Rezz paced a bit as the sounds of light footsteps drew closer and spoke out before seeing who was coming. "I hope you're ready to be testedwhoever you are, we here at Ghost Smile strive to be the strongest wizards both in magic power and physical prowess" Rezz stopped his pacing and waited patiently for them to come out to face him so that this trial could begin.-

vampyrerah: Ahnesti walked up, still quiet and sighed softly. "I suppose there's only one way to find out." She said. her voice soft like a summer breeze. She was a petite girl with long crimson hair braided to one side, Her eyes a bright jade green and complexion like a porcelain doll. She stretched her arms and legs stood before him waiting. She looked at the man with his back to her and waited for him to turn to face her. One hand on her hip and the other hanging loosely by her side. She was calm and collected where she stood, though she seemed slightly reserved. 

-Rezz turned and faced her, she was clever being able to sneak around him like that when it sounded as if she was coming from the other direction. She was smaller than he was but the size of a wizard rarely determined their strength or their tenacity. "Indeed there is, now call upon your spirits and we shall begin the first part of your trial." Rezz took up a simple kung fu stance and surrounded his arms and legs in his shadow arms spell and steeled himself for what she might first throw at him, he had hoped she would have at least one or two powerful spirits for him to face off against. Rezz had never met the challenge of a celestial wizard before and was anxious for an oppertunity to square off against one, even if only as a test for acceptance in the guild.-

vampyrerah: She grabbed the golden key from her hip and moved it in a triangular motion, "I call upon the celestial spirit, Polaris!" She called out and when the tip of the key touched the tip of the triangle, it opened up and out burst a large, bear. She smiled lightly and looked up at the large creature. "Are you doing well today, Polaris?" she asked quickly. The bear looked at her and nodded, then looked at the man before them. It pointed at him and she nodded. "But it's just a test. Sparing basically." It nodded and took it's own readied stance. It gently pushed her back out of the way and she stood there, waiting quietly for what the man had in mind for them.

-Her spirit was protective of her, thats good it meant they cared for and trusted her. Rezz smirked a bit and charged in to close in on the spirit, when he was just a few feet away he jumped up and performed a series of roundhouse kicks ta the bears chest and head seeing how well it would block or absorb the blows without him using the full extent of his spell by it not using its detonating effect when his kicks either landed or were blocked. If Polaris asnt able to block the kicks it would be sent tumbling off to the side a few feet but if it did manage to block Rezz would bound off it and land about ten feet away back where he started again.-

vampyrerah: "Block!" she commanded with a deep respect for the spirit in her voice. The bear then instantly held up it's arms and blocked his attack. Ahnesti smiled and praised him. "Great job, big guy!" She looked up at the spirit the the greatest admiration. "keep it up!" She cheered him respectively. The bear then thrust his arms out and pushed back against the man kicking at him. She waited in anticipation to see if the man was deflected, her heart racing in her chest. She hadn't been so excited and anxious about anything in years. 

-Rezz's kicks were blocked well enough and he rebounded off the spirits defenses and landed back where he began as he planned, her spirit was tough but just how tough was it? Rezz planned on finding out just how much this spirit could take but to do that hed have to get though its defences and put in a little more effort. He gave the spirit a quick wink and melted into the ground using his shadow dive ability allowing him to move much quicker as a shadowy blurr on the ground. He quickly moved back in and ziped around the bear spirit in tight circles. in this form the bear wouldnt be able to hurt him by merely stomping or punching the ground but Rezz wasnt going to give it a chance. as he came up infront of it again Rezz leaped out of his shadow form directly infront of Polaris leading his sudden rise with a shadow covered fist aimed to punch the spirit in its lower jaw. wether Rezz's punch landed or not the full effect of his arms spell would be unleashed and at the moment of impact the shadows surrounding his fist would cause a concussive blast as strong as a stick of dynamite exploding and would send the spirit flying up and back if he hit it where he was aiming.- 

vampyrerah: The spirit took the hit, and he went flying into the air, then vanished into the spirit realm. "POLARIS!" she cried and looked at the man. She had no malice behind her eyes and she reached to her hip once again and grabbed a key quickly. She knew the ones she had by just the feel of them. "I call upon the spirit of, PISCES!" she cried out and moved her key in the triangular shape and once again the tip meeting the top of the triangle; the spirits of the zodiac Piscese appeared. "Ahnesti, honestly what trouble have you gotten yourself into?" the man said and smirked. "A test." is all she said and the woman smirked. "I see, you finally decided to join a guild. I was starting to worry about you." she said and the man huffed. "why? She has us? Aren't we good enough?" The woman crossed her arms and gave him a chastised look. He sighed and looked around at the man and pointed over his shoulder, "This him?" Ahnesti nodded softly and he pushed her back and to the side again. "Well, Shall we Mother?" he asked and the woman grinned a toothy grin and nodded. "Lets dance." she said and she readied her stance, as did the boy with her.

-Polaris was sent packing by Rezz's attack and as sure enough upset the young celestial mage enough for her to pull out her big guns, Pieces one of the twelve zodiacs was called forth and was a pair of fish like people. This threw Rezz off a bit as the stories behind these zodiacs sually described them as giant eals or fish, no matter though This is what Rezz really wanted to see from the girl her full extent of what she could summon and it seemed she wasnt going to hold back anymore. As she conversed with her spirits Rezz decided to get this next bit started and unleashed one of his more powerful spells "Shadow god cannon, storm." extending both his hands forward palms facing out a hailstorm of bullet sized shadows fired in rapid succession at the spirits feet. Rezz wasnt trying to actually hit them with this spell just yet he wanted to see how quick they could react and dodge the onslaught well enough for them to try and counter his attack by mounting one of their own. "You two better pay attention or you might get hit."-

vampyrerah: The pair instantly dodged and the woman huffed. "Enough of this," she grumbled and with one feld kick, created a cresent wave of water, soaking the area with water. The man with her smirked. "well, now that I'm limbered up, lets dance." he said and held the trident he had in his hand this whole time. He lunged toward the man and waves emerged from the tip of his trident, aiming to wrap around the man, water shooting toward him like a bullet connected to a string. "Do you prefer the tango or a waltz?" he jeered with amusement. Ahnesti stood back watching, but She was now tense and held herself in a determined stance. "Pisces cresent kick again!" She cried out to the woman and immediately she obeyed. With another kick of her foot, she sent a torrential wave of water that seemed to just push the male toward his opponent quicker, with more velocity. He grinned as he neared the man faster. 

-A coordinated attack, very nice indeed. These spirits used teamwork well enough and the wizard behind them directed them with practiced ease, this was turning out to be a fun morning so far. Water flooded the coutyard at the female spirits first kick and her second propelled her counterpart faster at Rezz with a jet of water coming at him with even higher velocity, this gave Rezz a fun idea on how to handle this it was risky but if he was able to pull it off would definately be amusing to anyone who might be watching off in the disatnce. Sweeping his left leg back in a wide arc Rezz turned his body to the side and arched his back to avoid the stream of water coming at him. He stayed like this long enough for the male spirit to get in close enoough and when he was Rezz reached out in an attempt to grab his trident and use it against him by pushing the tip of it into the ground and force him to polevault over it and roll along the ground. If Rezz somehow missed the trident there wouldnt be enough time for the zodiac to get out of the way and the two men would collide with one another and come crashing to the ground anyways, but Rezz woulnd be pinned under it for long as he would just resume his shadow form to get some distance again and reemerge ready and waiting for the spirits next possible attack.-

vampyrerah: The man had a feeling he was going to aim for his trident, and just before he could get close enough, he used his trident, aimed it at the ground and and vaulted over the man with ease, smirking at him as he rounded over him like an olympian vaulter over a low bar. As soon as he landed he took off for the man again with great speed, but instead of grabbing him looked over at the woman and smirked, "MOM! Cresent!" he shouted and she smirked. She used her cresent kick once more and he combined his power of his trident with hers and suddenly there was a torrent of water beams crashing down relentlessly. They combined their powers to create a move that was like a down pour in the middle of spring, yet with the strength of a meteor falling to the earth. it was both beautiful and extremely hard to avoid as the beams of water. Ahnesti looked at them with the greatest of admiration and respect. "CRECENDO!" Ahnesti called out and the two suddenly became their eel like fish forms and snapped at the man between beems of water that rained down still. 

-these spirits were quick and angile no doubts there, but Rezz was more or less toying with them at this levelbeing it was just to test Ahnestis abilities rather than fight against her in earnest. Torents of water were all around him and baring down fast as Rezz dove back into his shadow form and slipped away as the water came crashing down on where he was just a second before. With all the water that was pouring and crashing down made it easy for hi to slip away unseen and circle the courtyard, though it couldnt be seen Rezz had a playful smile on his face and decided to have a little fun and snuck up on Ahnesti ever so quietly and rose up from his shadow form just a few feet behind her and spoke loudly enough to hopefully make her jump a bit in surprise. "You know the grounds keeper will be furious when he finds out that the court yards been flooded like this, probably wont dry for at least days." If she turned to face him as he spoke Rezz would be asually standing there inspecting his gloved hand and acting as though he was picking dirt from under his nails as if he had been waiting for her for some time before lifting his gaze to her. "First parts done, you can send them home so we can begin the second part of your trial. Time to see how well you can use those swords of yours." Rezz stood ready and drew his sword feeling the tingling of its magic reading his as it always did when someone drew it and stood ready with his gaurd up  to see how she would strike at him.-

vampyrerah: She held up her fist and the torrent stopped, she nodded her thanks and appreciation to her spirits and they went back to the spirit realm. she quickly drew her swords and turned around, Looking at him calmly. She had a resolve behind her eyes. She smirked a little and as she turned she braced herself into a readied stance and waited quietly for him to make his move. Her heart skipped a beat. the thought of using her blades again excited her as much as summoning her spirits to her side. She licked her lips. She raised her swords and watched him intently. Her eyes unblinking as she watched his every step. She moved when he moved, not letting her guard down. She thought out a scenereo of moves he could start out with. "No magic. Meelee only." she stated, again her voice calm and soft. She thought different attack scenereos over in her head with every step and move he made. Noticing that he wasn't going to strike first, she tested the waters and brought one of her swords down at him. She hated striking first, but it was a test so she intitiated. She was quick and moved, striking from the left.

-He didnt reply to her request of no magic, this part of her exam didnt require the use of it and he wasnt about to spoil a fight of steel against steel with magic. She had to be tested in the three basics of wizards combat after all and Rezz was enjoying giving this exam. The feirceness of her eyes and the aura of determination coming off of her felt somewhat familiar as if she mirrored him at a young age when he was learning the basics. Her strike was quick but not very refined and Rezz quickly brought his sword up to defend and parry the blow away from his body with enough force that her arm would be stretched out to her side some leaving an opening for him to strike back at her, but instead of going after the opening he struck at her opposite side where she still had a sword ready and waiting to gaurd herself with. His strike came in as if he was to pierce into her stomach just below the ribs on her right side but he only extended his arm enough that if she missed blocking him the wound left would be quite shallow but still would make moving too fast somewhat painful, he didnt intend to kill herand wanted to make sure that if things went bad for her she could still walk away from this.-  

vampyrerah: She watched his movements, and drew her leg up and with her other sword, parried his attack and came down quickly with the other sword, aiming at his shoulder. She wasn't really putting her entire weight into it, she kept going over and over in her head, "It's just a test, It's just a test." She her eyes burned with determiniation. She swung her other sword at his torso, knowing he would dodge and block, but this gave her an opening to step back for a moment and see what his next move would be. She panted lightly and smirked, a soft giggle could be heard. She was actually having fun. She was enjoying this little bout of sword's play. She looked up at him and a lock of her crimson hair fell down into her face, framing her bright jade eyes and she readied her stance, waiting for his move now. She again played all the scenereos and possible attacks out in her head, waiting patiently. She took the time to also look him over better, taking in his features to memory and locking them away. Ahnesti was hoping with everything in her she could join this guild. Deep down, she prayed that she could pass the tests.

-His blow was stopped and she prevented herself from injury as expected and Rezz quickly brought his sword back and up at the ready again. rezz kept careful watch over her movements and postures while they dueled, whoever had taught her to use her swords didnt give her much more training than to just cover the basics it seemed. Or at least thats how it appeared on the surface but the look in her eyes gave something away, she seemed to be heavily concentrating on him infront of her and seemed to be loosing focus on the surroundings something that might have to be addressed later on but for now he Rezz had to keep evaluating her skills. She came at him with both blades this time one from above and the other following from the side. Raising his sword overhead and keeping th blade perpendicular to hers the two swords rang out as they clashed and Rezz sidestepped as they did and pushed the swod down with the gaurd of his own and have the two locked blades to clash with her second attacking sword. With the three blades locked together Rezz stepped forward and wraped his foot behind her leg in an attempt to trip her and make her fall if not to push her back some, ether she fell or not Rezz would take a few steps back and have his sword at the ready again for her to stand back up and ready herself again.-

vampyrerah: With swords locked, she stared up into his eyes. she felt his leg wrap around hers and she wrapped her other leg around his waist and pulled with a strength she didn't look as if she could have. This pulled her closer to him, her body pressed against his to stabalize her from falling, and an opportunity free her blades. She pushed up with her arms, using her leg as leverage and as she pushed up, she pushed back, freeing her blades and in one swift moved brought the hilt of one down into his ribs with a hard "thud." She unwrapped her leg from his and turned her body around and swung her blades together at the same time toward his other side. and she flipped them so the sharp didn't penetrate since she had such a strong swing. She aimed for his other ribs hoping to make contact. She knew that when it came to sword fights, there was no such thing as personal space. someone swinging a large blade of metal at you, you can either run from it, or run to it. She couldn't remember the last time she ran. This wasn't going to be any different. Her eyes flashed again and she readied her blades once more, panting and waiting, watching him quietly. 

Guest_Garousen: Azuma heard the sounds of steel against steel as he sat in his office, tapping at the annoying bright thing on his desk that simply would not cooperate. “Bah…if I could find a book on this…” he grumbled in frustration. He knew the odd white thing controlled the little arrow on the screen, but that was as far as it went. He shook his head, standing and walking to the elevator, which opened the moment he arrived. He entered, going down to the main hall, then walking around the side and up a flight of stairs to the training yard, intending to watch the potential new member’s test—from a distance, of course. Spotting Rezz and the new person…what was her name again? He’d figure it out later. Spotting the two of them at the opposite end of the courtyard—he’d obviously missed something, there was water everywhere—he moved in a bit closer, stopping just far enough away as not to impede them or put himself at risk.

"Ugh" Rezz grunted as the hilt of her sword hit him hard in his side and caused him to lose what grip he had on her and she freed herself from their close quarters and she struck at him again from the other side with both swords at once. She was clever using him to keep herself upright and to free her blades the way she did, but no time to admire her cunning now Rezz had to stop these swords from landing another blow on him. Her swing was strong and fast but Rezz was able to bring his sword up just in time to stop them from striking home and used his free hand to give him a bit more leverage in preventing them from pushing him back any. Rotating his blade as the swords were still close together so the three ran almost parrallel  Rezz made fast circular motions with his sword around hers until he was able to loosen her grip on them enough that with a quick motion he was able to seperate her hands from her swords and send them clattering to the muddy ground a few feet away.  "And now, on to round three. Unarmed combat." Rezz was smiling a bit at that as he stabed the tip of his sword into the ground instead of sheathing it and took a few paces away from it as he circled Ahnesti and stopped once she was between him and his sword and took up a kick boxing stance and had his arms up at the ready and used his hands to wave her in to try and attack him.-

vampyrerah: She immediately turned around watching him then watched his stance and eyed him carefully. She evaluated and then smirked, she thought to herself. "what the hell, it's hand to hand, you're going to get hit, might as well take it." then she bolted into a run and with started to punch and kick at him. She moved with speed and agility and strength fuled by determination and adrenaline. Her boots squishing in the mud, and splashes of water landed on the skin that she did have exposed. Sweat beading on her brow and hair sticking to her face she continued her assaults one by one, her fist moved toward him, her leg coming up and attempting to make contact. The fierce fire in her eyes with every turn of her body. Every muscle contracting and then extending. She put her whole heart into her swings. She knew she would have to take a few hits, but that's all part of the process. no one can walk away from a fight without one or two knocks. So, she again, ran to it.

-She didnt hesitate at all and ran headlong into this final bout, this pleased Rezz quite a bit with some serious training at his and the other members of the guild she would fit in nicely. But he wouldnt tell her that just yet as she was coming at him with everything she had. Throwing quick punches and fast kicks from multiple angles, Rezz was having a bit of a difficult time in blocking them all but kept his composure as he fended off her flurry of blows using his forarms and shins getting himself splattered with mud and water as much as she was. After a few more of her punches were pushed aside Rezz found the small opening he was waiting for and struck back at her by thrusting his palm into her right arm just below the elbow to push her arm accross her body to keep her from trying to throw another punch with her left and followed up with a kick to her abdomin and quickly stepping up with a follow up elbow to her chest, she had a smaller frame than most he fought against and so had to measure his blows more carefully but he wasnt holding back as much now. The point of fighting unarmed like this in the trial was to determine just how much punishment one could dish out and take in a fight so he had to put an effort into his attacks.-

vampyrerah: Ahnesti grunted and gasped and then held her breath, falling onto the wet, muddy ground. She growled out her breath and gritted her teeth and clenched her jaw. She'd taken worse and in the blink of an eye she jumped up and attacked with more fury and she managed to grip his collar and then pulled herself toward him, using him as her anchor. She wrapped her arms around his waist, locking her ankles and then let go, pushing herself back and down. She used her body to pull him over him, her fingers digging deeply into the soggy ground. She pulled him with every ounci of strength in her legs and flipped him over, letting to and slidding under him and swung herself up and over, her heels landing on his shoulders to push him farther down. she got up crouched, her face wet and muddy, only intensifying her eyes. She panted as her hair stuck to her face and neck. She panted and watched him. Waiting...

-He nocked her down but she didnt stay down for very long and was back on the attack again. Her small spry frame gave her an agile edge and she was able to grab hold of Rezz and wrap her legs around his waist and with all her might tried to flip him up over her and and to drop him on the ground. She might have agility on her side but Rezz had strength on his and when her upper body reached for the ground below her Rezz stepped back with his left leg and bent his right knee some to better anchor himself as his arms took hold of her by her waist and held fast his footing on the ground. For a moment they were locked in this position each of them pulling against the other trying to gain the upper hand in leverage until Rezz  used his right leg to push at Ahnestis arm to make them both buckle and drop down to the ground with his left leg under him. Rezz held onto her as they dropped and once he was sitting and her laying in the muddy ground Rezz leaned forward as he raised his right arm up and brought his elbow down on her body just where her ribcage would end, but stopped a mere inch before his blow would land with his eyes locked on hers. His gaze in his eyes said without words that he couldve easily struck her in this vulnerable position beforemoving his arm away and letting go with his other hand so that they both may untangle themselves and stand back up again as he spoke aloud again. "This trial is over, you did well...." As Rezz got back up he called out to Azuma who had been watching nearby "What do you think boss, she would fit in nicely here."

Guest_Garousen: Walking over to the pair of them, Azuma responded, “Indeed she would, though she could do with some training.” He looked at the new girl, offering a hand to help her up. “I am Azuma Matsumoto, the Master of this guild. And, I’m sorry, your name is…?” He knew he SHOULD know her name, Ringvale Hollow was by no means a large town—unless she’d come from somewhere else. “Of course, I see no issue allowing her to join, if you believe she’s done well enough to pass.”

vampyrerah: She took his hand and stood up. "Ahnesti Raganis. It's a pleasure sir." She said, her voice soft as the summer breeze. She then fell silent and looked to the man she had just fought. waiting for his reply. She was a mess and a half, mud in her hair, all over her face, and looking down, she noticed one of the straps on her top had snapped but she was thankful for her leather shrug. 

"I should introduce myself as well, Rezz Kain and let me be the first to welcome you into the Ghost Smile wizards guild." Rezz walked over to where their swords were and collected the blades handig Ahnesti hers and swatting the mud off his own before sheathing it and looking himself and her over as they were both covered in mud. "I guess i should show you to the ladies locker area so you can get yourself cleaned up before we get you situated here in the guild, his way." Rezz started walking back inside but waited by the door for her to catch up to him so he could direct her to where she could clean herself up and where she could find him in the main room afterwards and headed off to clean himself up as well.-