Black Tower

KanedaSoturi: An explosion can be heard in the distance, a cloud of dust kicking up as, just outside of Metarch, a tower began to rise. Black in color, adorned with what appeared to be gemstones, the tower soon loomed ominously over the town, casting a shadow reaching clear to the Guild Compound. Kaneda sat on the second floor of the Guild Hall, watching the tower ascend, wincing at the loud, grinding scrape sound as it stopped, then hearing what seemed to be a pitched, maniacal giggle echo surreally through the air. She blinked, not entirely sure what to make of it as she walked out to the balcony. "Just what in the hell was that...?" she wondered to herself as she looked a bit concernedly at the tower, motioning Valerius to her side. “Gather all the magic users you can, quickly. I don’t like the looks of this, we’ll need all the help we can get.” With that, the large man nodded and leapt off the hall, landing solidly on the ground and running at top speed across the compound towards the tavern, in hopes of finding any mage he could, guild member or not.

KatsuoOda: -A young man with bleach blonde hair and corn gold eyes was in town purchasing some sound lacrimas from the magic shop that fuels his guitar, as he exited the store people heard a large bang, crash, and started running while screaming and covering their ears. "Hey hey that wasn't me i dont even have it out..." he turned around, looming over the magic shop was an incredibly large and tall tower, black in color. "DAH HELL IS THAT THING?!" his jaw dropped and his eyes popped out of his head. his face strightened out as he put his shopping bag on his back and tied it to his guitar strap and started running back towards the guild hall. strangest thing was he heard something else getting closer, like someone was... he turned around a spotted a man running don the tower. "the fu-" he started running faster, only this guy was running a bit more faster. Aren made it to the doors of the guild hall panting his life away, that was a hard run. He face planted on the guild hall's cold surface. "I leave for 10 minutes to get more energy for my guitar and yall done fuckered somthin up..." he said between pants. "Let me lie here..." it looked like steam was comedically rolling off the soles of his shoes. "I'm pooped."-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros woke with a start, he woke up and got dressed, then looked at the black tower, as he sheathes his revolver, he stares at it, wondering what the hell that thing was. He Dresses in and starts packing his tent, and also shutting his camp down, he quickly doused the flames that he used the night before to cook his food, and also disposed of the remaining food so he can use the area again for his camp. He dove into the small stream and cleaned up. He headed to the town by using the woods as a back way in so whatever that was, or whoever it was did not see him. He briskly ran, advoiding the vines, and whatever else is in that forest. He appears outside the opposite end of the town, the side that is farthest away from the newly risen spire. He looks at it, now closer to it, then his camp in the woods, “Just, what in the hell is that thing?” shakes his head, that is still wet, he reaches back and then ties it back using a black hair tie.

Andikins: {OO} Oliver Oxford, riding a bit of the high from his championship victory at the Starry Sky Tournament, was resting with some well deserved break time as a day off. Though it was cut short by the violent shaking and loud sounds of a giant tower rising up from the ground. Oliver rolled off of the hammock he had set up in his room, planted onto the ground face first, "Bluh." Oliver got up off the ground, grabbing his cane and getting dressed, heading out of his room with a groggy look on his face until he saw what was rising up out of the ground, "Oh come on! Can we go one month without some cataclysm Guildmaster?!" He called up to the guildmaster when he finally walked outside, being one of the ready members to go. It was true that he was only a D-rank now, but Oliver's skill and cunning made him easily fight on par with A-ranks like in the tournament, so it was perfect that he would head off to the tower. "You uh, you want me to go there now or wait for someone else?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz had been back from his last job for a little over a week now, the man he encountered at the abandoned guild hall still fresh in his mind as was the debreifing he had to deal with upon his return. For nearly three hours he was in a meeting with the local guld masters telling them what he could of the man that called himself Gora. for all the time Rezz was drilled for information on what had happened Rezz didnt have much to tell them aside from this man luring in unsuspecting victims both mage and mundane to their dooms. After all that and word had spread of the dangerous madman on the loose Rezz began studying the tome he had aquired and started unlocking the secrets of poison god slaying magic, which it seems has taken similar effects on him as his shadow slaying magic did. Rezz's eyes have shifted from a gleaming silver to a menacing purple and his jet black hair was also gaining purple highlights. Learning this new magic was no easy task unlike when he had been forced to learn the shadow god slaying magic he was reputed to weild, He had infuzed the poison god slaying lacrema with his body as the book described so he was able to now consume poison as power like the shadows but refining his new abilities was difficult as the poisons he now weilded were highly deadly so finding a sparring partner to practice with was out of the question. Rezz had decided to take a break from his new found training and went out for a walk when he heard the rumbling sounds and the chaotic noises that followed. he watched as the ominous tower rose from the ground and he had a bad feeling about it, the tower was definately dangerous to the masses so something had to be done about it and quickly. Rezz looked about the guild compound and saw members of other guilds gathering outside and he decided to join them as there wasnt time to contact anyone from his guild and this would be better than trying to go at it alone. "If you all are going in there I'm going with you. Something tells me that tower holds something pretty nasty in its walls."

KanedaSoturi: Kaneda’s voice rang out over the arena’s loudspeaker: “Alright, now that we’ve all gathered. I’m sure you see that tower, if you don’t you’re either blind or oblivious. Does anyone know what it does, or where it-?” her voice was cut off as a male voice, tight with madness, overrode the speaker. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…I bring you the night’s entertainment. I am Gora; no doubt you know of me from that ABSOLUTE PUFFED-UP COCK of a Slayer. Ahem…but I digress. Before you, you see a tower. That was me, but you’ll never find me. So, I have a challenge for you: Solve my tower and defeat my champions, or I kill everyone in this –oh, not NOW, Bobbins!” a sharp crack and an animal scream could be heard. “As I said…solve my tower, defeat my champions or everyone dies. You have…oh, let’s say two weeks. Cheers and fishes!” With a snap, the voice was gone, causing most in the compound to panic. This was stopped when Kaneda spoke again, her voice urgent: “Alright…we need to neutralize that tower. Our lives could be at stake. Knowing that, who’s in?” A number of people stepped forward; she couldn’t see, but Kaneda knew all of her members that were in attendance were among them, as well as a few others from neighboring guilds.

KatsuoOda: -Aren sat up after a winded break, and spotted oliver, the guy that won part of the tournament using holder magic against that shadow slayer-person. Aren didn't exactly see many volunteer to join the escapade of the tower. He smacked in a new Lacrima for his guitar and fliped it to his back, and walked forward. "I'm not the best at fightin' with fists and magical power but if anybody needs a picker upper i got a few spells that'll help. I got family back home, i'm goin', for their sake, and for the sake of the children in town who be beleivin in me. I cin do this If'n ya give me a chance." he said, pulling his guitar around and holding it up in front of the guild master. she'd have her first Voulunteer. "them people out there is countin on us to save all their lives, If'n we don't step up to the plate an'do it now, Demon Howl, and the other guilds present will never hold the honor, bravery, and justice we guilds of light had for years. We just gotta try, for the sake of Magic, and everything that's right." the boy's face scrunched up a little at the end as he still held his guitar forward. "Let's give'em what for."-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros stars running towards the guild hall, he makes progress through the town, then he slows to a stop looking at the spire. He looks at what looks like jewels, and shakes his head. “With that, I can start a family.” Shakes his head again, then he advances to the guildhall. With twigs, small rocks, wet hair, and smelling like a fresh stream. His clothes still damp, but not giving him issues, he looks at the people there, and says “What happened? What is that thing? And most importantly, why is it here? Can’t we go two damn days without a cataclysmic event?” He sighs. “An’t no rest for the wicked. Right?” He looks over, at the guild hall. “Let’s see what there made of, Shall we?” He draws Pollux, his clothes changed, to lighter ones that he was wearing, and a cloth duster. The blade, still in gun form, he makes sure that it’s loaded, and also that his revolver is loaded with Enchanted Ammo. “All right, let’s give them a warm welcome!” He says, looking at the spire.”

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, looking over his shoulder the lad that helped him out in the gift shop from time to time, gave a smile as an idea got in his head, "Hey, Aren, what say you and me tackle the tower together? I'm sure ya know that I rely heavily on set forms, so something constant as a pick-me-up'll be great and a half." He then looked up at the guildmaster, "Did he say something about puzzles? And champions? Does anyone else think we should try to figure out what's in there if we can at all? You know, before we run in blind." {OO}

GhostofSenyx: "I cant tell you whats in there, but I know something about the man responsible for it being here" Rezz seemed to appear out of nowhere as he walked over to the Demon Howl wizards gathered planning to head for the tower and nodded at Oliver congradulating him for his victory in the tournament. He looked up at the Demon Howls guildmaster as he spoke loud enough for the assembled wizards to hear him clearly as he spoke. "His name is Gora, and a complete lunatic and powerfull wizard. I encountered him on my last job and gave a full account to all the local guild masters about him and I'll repeat myself now. Hes some kind of shapeshifting wizard from an long dissolved guild, he carries some kind of staff that from what i can tell uses some form of fire magic. He's definately off his rocker and should be considered highly unstable, granted I only saw him for a short time and this is all i know but its better than nothing. So if we're all thats going in we should do this as a team and i know I'm not a member of your guild but I will fight along side all of you to deal with this threat." Rezz looked each of the assembled wizards in the eye as he spoke this last sentence so they would see his earnesty as he adjusted the sword on his side "Master Kaneda, I didnt have time to send word to my guild at whats happening but if you could send word yourself I'm sure the boss will send some reinforcements to aid us both here and in the towwer"

Kaneda nodded as Rezz spoke. “Understood.  We have messengers en route to the other Council Guilds and their surrounding cities as we speak, anyone they can spare will meet us at the tower.”  With that, she spoke to the group.  “You heard the slayer—this Gora is dangerous.  No one goes off on their own.”  Valerius, Kaneda’s assistant, came up from behind her, tapping her on the shoulder and whispering in her ear.  “Right.  We should get going.”  Valerius nodded in agreement.  “Alright, any who are coming to help, with me.  And try not to get separated.”  At that, she turned, heading across the compound to the steps leading down the mountain, almost instinctively reaching for the pack of discs at her hip, just barely stopping herself as she remembered what they were dealing with.  Keeping this in mind, she slowly made her way down the steep but wide steps leading into town.

KatsuoOda: -Aren followed the others down the steps, but thought they wouldn't make it to the tower fast enough. "I have a faster means of transpertation... but it's not prefected yet. He rolled his guitar out and placed his fingers on the first key's alignment, this would be his first big show in front of other wizards, but he had to hold on to his excitement, as he started playing a beautiful melody on his electric guitar. As he did, it looked like silver dust was gathering in a circle around everyone. This spell was still in it's learning stages, and it was up tot he others to use it, but Aren wanted to give it a try. As the dust gathered, it started to form in the sky above everyone as Aren's song went into forte. (( )) then, as fast as it gathered, it exploded, and out folded magnificent shining silver wings, it was a dusty looking magic bird, it lowered and landed it's self and Aren walked up to it still playing it's song. "Does anyone wanna lift to the tower?" he asked while still trying to play. "we got two minutes to get there, i didn't finish writin the song yet. if you wanna ride get on it's back now, no worries he works like a real bird." he said as he hopped on the head of the bird and awaited the others. in order for the bird to stay, Aren must keep playing the sound magic that goes with it on his guitar, so he stood on it's head and continued as it raised it's head.-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros looks at the people entering the tower, he attempts to catch up to them, He also catches up with the group and also fallows along. He brushes the twigs, the leaves, and all of the debris that was caught in his hair. He also does this while walking, before he makes himself, known he makes himself look decent. “Ma’am, I wish to join you. My name is Aetheros, I use to be in the Military, and also I’m also a Re-quip mage. I am also looking for a guild. So, if it is fine, could I tag along with your lot?” He says, at the back of the line. He then smiles in excitement.

Andikins: {OO} Oliver walked up along the wings of the giant magical bird that his guildmate had conjured up. "This is one weird thing you got going for yourself here." Oliver plotted his rear right down on the center of the bird's back, "I like it." He just sat and waited, listening to the music while he polished the hook end of his cane with his scarf. "Think there will be in in flight movie?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz nodded one more time at the guildmaster and headed along with the grouphe considered getting on the magic bird with the others but wasnt sure whe he heard how long it would last and thought it best if he proceded on foot with the other half of the group so that if the tower were to attack they wouldnt all be at the same place at once and would have better chances of reaching it unscathed. "thanks for the offer but ill take the low road for now, but stay close to us on the ground so we dont get seperated and arrive at the tower at the same time" Rezz ran after and caught up with those still on the ground and proceded down the long stairs and headed in the direction of the tower with determination in his eyes. Whatever was going to happen in that tower Rezz would be ready for any of these champoins within no matter what they may know about him from what gora wouldve said about him.-

Kaneda looked at the man, who she vaguely remembered from the tournament.  “You may help if you like, the more we have helping the easier this will be.”  She shook her head as she looked at the bird; if she was going to fly, it would be on her own using her metals—she’d heard the two-minute limit, and was not about to risk it knowing it would take longer to reach the tower, even by air.  She walked quickly, the crowd parting to make way for the group as they started making their way through the town.  She took a small vial of metals, mixed in an alcohol solution, from her hip pouch and knocked it back like a shot of tequila.  This vial contained large amounts of the metals she felt would be most useful, these being iron, steel, tin, pewter, zinc, brass and cadmium.  As soon as the mixture was absorbed, she began a slow burn of her tin, heightening all five of her senses to be able to sense any threat before it presented herself; unfortunately, this heightened state also heightened her sense of touch, making her feel her every step.  She didn’t need to look back; she felt the others following.

KatsuoOda: -He was suprised, only one person wanted to hop on his musical silver bird. maybe it was because it wasn't perfected yet. The one that did climb on the bird's back did make Aren smile a little bit. He liked his magic, or was it his music? either or it didn't matter it made him feel like his magic and music was going to fulfill it's usefulness at last. "Ye'like it? Watch this!" he recognised the boy from the tournament, It was Oliver, the boy that offered to help watch the consession stand. As he said for the boy to watch, Aren strummed his guitar louder as the song rose to Chorus, as he did, silver dust whipped up under the silver bird's wings as the bird made from that dust. It twisted it's head as it lifted from the ground, totally see-though, "there be your in flight movie. Metarch, bird eye view." Aren didn't take the bird too high, but from atop the buildings Metarch looked so beautiful, he only wished he could make the landing just as beautiful as the rise and flight. "I'm gonna lower the bird when i have to, when i do, jump. It won't be that high a leap, but all this open space, the fresh air... a great calm before the storm, aye mate?" he stopped talking to do a guitar solo in the song for silverbird, as he did the bird's wings flapped as it held it's altitude.-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros smiles, “I’d be honored, ma’am.” Then he fallows them. He also looks at the bird, and then thought. ‘Man, they’re going to get themselves hurt. But, I’m not even sure if that’s a person, or some type of bird.’ He shrugs and fallows the small group of people, he also has the revolver drawn, not to hurt, as a reflex. He did that when he entered a building that he did not know If that was a trap. He could not think back to basic training, and smile. He thought about the weapons training, and the handguns part of it. However, at one time, he was late, but not for anything, the weapons assignment. He was the last in line, dressed in his Camos. The officer that was assigning weapons looked at him, and shook his head. “Man, you’re very late. You missed getting your weapon.” He said. “Unless, you want that thing.” He points to the gunblade. “No one has been able to ‘draw’ it.” As he used air quotations. “If you can make the blade go back and bring the gun part out, I’ll assign it to you.” He said. Aetheros looks over it, and said. “I need some grease, Sir.” The officer hands it to him, he puts some in it, and with a grinding sound, and the springs go back to their possession for the gun to be workable. He pulls the trigger, and then shoots the wood in front of it, and then the wood goes everywhere. Aetheros snaps out of it, fallowing the group, and says quietly, “That was a good day.” Then he advanced with the small group.

Andikins: {OO} "Alright, when it starts lowering just jump?" Oliver should not ever be given directions like that, EVER. The moment he felt the bird lower in the slightest, he ran toward its head and kicked off of it, his cane tightly in his hand. Now he was heading straight down for the ground, "See you when you get there! We should stick together!" Now he probably jumped off too soon, but he did hook his cane around a tree branch, going around in a couple of loops before jumping off and landing on the ground, rolling forward into a tree trunk. "Bluh." Oliver got up and dusted himself off, close enough to the tower that he could close the rest of the distance on his own, and then wait for everyone else. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -The tower was huge even at a distance and seemed to grow more menacing as they all got closer. Surprisingly it didnt take very long to reach its base and when Rezz did he slowed and came to a stopclose enough to the tower that he could easily run in but still back enough that he could avoid any surprises that came out. The others soon caught up with him and Kaneda and her attendant and waited on her word to enter while Rezz surveyed the walls looking for a way in other than the main entrance but not finding any just carvings and what could either be jewels or lacremas. Rezz wanted in there there was no doubt about that but he wondered if there were enough able bodies here to pull this off but at the same time he prefered being in a small unit like this, there was less risk of losing too many lives nd they could better coordinate themselves too many people would make this mission more chaotic anyways. truth be told he rather just go in alone, he had unfinished buisness with this madman and Rezz had a sneaking suspiscoin that the tower being here was in part his fault for Gora wanting some payback at what happened when they last crossed spells, but he wasnt alone and would do everything he could to make sure the other got out of there if things didnt go their way. He drew his sword and felt the all too familiar tingle of it reading his magic as it always did when someone drew it and felt that its magics were at full power before sheathing it again and tilting his head to each side cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders as he usually did when he prepaired himself for a fight. "Well guildmaster, whats the plan?"


Stopping a bit away from the tower, Kaneda looked around for anyone that had come from somewhere else to assist; seeing none, she assumed they were already inside and responded to Rezz.  “Any plan we make will never survive first contact.  We enter in groups, no one goes in alone.  I’m sensing nothing good from this place.”  She turned, intending to address the rest of the group, speaking only after they were all there.  “Alright, the groups will be as follows—Rezz will enter with myself and Valerius.  Oliver and Aren will enter afterwards, and you” she motioned to the Requip user “will enter with them.  There is no guarantee that everyone will stay together, keep that in mind and be careful.”  She looked at the entrance then, and even burning tin saw only…black.  This unnerved her slightly, but she took a breath to calm herself before stepping forward, with Valerius at her left and assuming Rezz was following closely behind, burning pewter just slightly to increase her strength and physical resilience, and stepped into the dark abyss, for the first time in a long time not knowing what lay ahead.


KatsuoOda: -Aren watched as he leaped from the bird to soon, "ey hey! not..." he stopped playing, putting his hand out to catch the guy but it was too late, he jumped. It was awefully quiet now. "TOO QUIET!" he looked down, the bird shattered, the music had stopped. "oh shit..." Aren started falling directly out fo the sky. "shiiiiit!" he pulled his guitar out in front of him and started playing a snake charm melody, as he fell from the sky a snake made of sheet music and music notes stretched it's neck out for him, and caughthim in it's mouth, before he stopped playing the snake had him coiled. It too shattered away after he stopped playing. "eh...." he opened his eyes, turned his guitar around, and checked his torso for internal bleeding or breaking, then sighed. He made it back on the ground, "remind me never to take Oliver on a joy ride." he said,shaking the silver magic from the bird out of his hair. He looked up at the tower, this was it. he had to prove he was reliable, trustworthy, and his music was beautiful to someone, this was his chance to show how useful he and his family's magic was. that's all he wanted since he joined a guild, he wanted to be useful just once, appreciated, adored by somone other than children and local people. He wanted appreciation from a peer, a fellow Magician. Or at least acknowlegement, he feels like not even his own guild master wants to acknowlege him or his music. Maybe if he had a bigger, flashier rank, or rank up like Oliver did? he looked don a little, ashamed of himself. Only way to get noticed was to do what he loved best, giving people a boost, rock on, Aren, ROCK ON! His face scrunched up and he held his head high, hopes weren't lost yet, he could do this.-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros nodded, and went to see what the noise was about then he heard shouting, and a few more. He gone down the steps to see what happened. He went outside, and looked around for the source of the nooise, he looks and find the man on the ground. “You okay? I can help if you need it.” He smiles, as he would. In his mind ‘Never stop smiling.’ Rang throughout his head. He bent down to see if he is alright, and offered him an hand. He looks at him and says “ Are you Oliver, or Aren?” He says with a confused look, then he shethes the revolver, as the time was not needed to be drawn, and also that the time that it might scare him into thinking if he was going to rob them or something…

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Andikins: {OO} Getting some help off the ground, Oliver gave a nod to the man that helped him up, "Oh thanks, I'm Oliver, Aren is still up th-oh no he's over there. 'Scuse me a 'mo." Before getting into the tower, Oliver ran up to Aren, "THAT WAS AWESOME! I never got to jump from that high before. You have to let me do it again some time!" He had an assortment of leaves and twigs sticking out of his hair and outfit from his trip through the treeline. Oliver was more one to experience the view on the move rather than sit still and watch it go by, so sky diving without a bungie chord into a forest was amazing for him, this kid has some sort of deathwish. When he heard that he was going to go into the tower with Aren, he gripped his cane fervently, "Betcha we make it to the top first, hundred thousand Jewel says so!" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: "Alright, lets do this then." Rezz followed in after Kaneda through the blackness. It was an odd feeling, this darkness isnt being brought by an absence of light but more of a veil created by powerful magics. It seemed as though that if Gora was in control of this place he probably wanted everyone inside before unveiling what the interior looked like so took up position at what he thought would be as a point man incase anything came out he would befirst inline for ambush and took the precaution of cloaking his arms and legs in his arms spell and steeled himself for what might happen as the other entered through the gates. Athought of using his new poison slaying magics floated accross his mind but decided against it for now as he didnt feel the need to display such powers until absolutely nessessary, the less that knew he could use that kind of magic the better for now until he had more control over it and could blend it with his shadow slaying magics. "Alright Gora we're here, why dont you come out of hiding and face us. Or are you afraid ill kick your ass again?" Rezz knew his taunts wouldnt do much to a madman like him but with luck this darkness would be removed and the teams could act at will with whats in store for them all.-

After what seemed an eternity, Kaneda and her small team entered a large, angular room; looking around, she saw they were the only ones there so far.  As they walked, she noticed the slightest shift in the floor; obviously, the room they were in was not the only one at this level and the madman intended to split them up.  This was confirmed as she looked at the entrance.  There was no longer a field of black beyond the arched doorway, but a patch of wall the same color as all the rest.  Noting that they were now sealed in, Kaneda swore under her breath, smacking her fist against a wall; this resulted in a loud rumbling, as in her frustration she’d forgotten her strength was buffed.  “Oh, lovely…another pr-“ she was cut off by the appearance of purple lettering in the air.  The lettering read:  A passage from one place to another, Many times does it have a brother. Surrounded on all sides but one by walls, It lies at both ends of most long halls.  What is it?  “Oh, what the loving fuck…?” Kaneda muttered to herself as she turned to the other two in her group with a questioning glance, hoping one of them knew the answer to this question.

KatsuoOda: -"whuh..." he was listening to Oliver like his bird, but in a much different way than anticipated. Aren looked down at his guitar then back up to Oliver. who was the guy chasing after oliver exactly too? oh wait the tower! Aren looked back over to the tower, it was making noises, as if the mechanisims inside it were.... moving. "the guild master and the others, they musta made it we gotta catch up or the enemy's gonna split us, c'mon you two lollygaggers!" Aren zipped his guitar on his back and reach out to grab Oliver and this whoever this guy was, by the shirts and dash toward the tower, but his hopes were too late, they were split by the enemy. Kaneda and the others were probably on a whole nother level by now. "Let's go..." he stepped inside the door and waited for Aren and the other guy to do the same, looks like they'd be a team today. Aren whipped his guitar back to the front of him so he could play it, and be ready for whatever this bad guy was going to serve their way. He'd already nodded, and swallowed his fear, he was determined to protect his team mates with his amazing spells no matter the cost. "BRING IT ON YAH CRAZY OLD COON!" he said fist pumping the air.-

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros watches him run up the tower, and shake his head. “Better go after him.” He said drawing his revolver. Runs up the steps, and hoping that he does not trip over himself. He thinks ‘Child or not, this one’s a piece of work.’ He comes to the first corridor, losing sight of him. He checks the revolvers rounds. He spins it, and puts it back in its holster. He draws the Razorfeild Magnum. The fire shines a little light in the area, and then he looks around calling for Oliver, but, he thinks that he cannot find him. He starts working his way up the tower, humming a military tune. He remembers anouther thing what he was taught. He stands still and lesions to the walls of the place, knowing that the walls are bare, the acoustics are going to be great. He stands there, with the blade drawn, lesioning to the area.

Andikins: {OO} Adhering to the groups that guild master Kaneda appointed, Oliver went in with the vagabond and Aren, not at all bothered by the moving room and sudden darkness. If this old coot was as looney as he was made out to be, he would have some fair fighting along the way in here. While in the midst of the dark, Oliver acted a little cheeky, "Sooo think it's darker in a pitch black room when you close your eyes or no?" Just to be a little cheekier, he tapped his cane to and fro, pretending to be blind, "Does he expect us to play his game in the dark? Cause that's something spoiled rich teenagers do isn't it? You know like the foolish games royal kids play?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -The room cleared and revealed the gray ornate walls within, and Rezz turned his head back to where the door once was discovering along with Kaneda that they were nt only sealed in but seperated from the others as well. "Wonderful, already playing games with us." Kanedas banging on the wall in frustration sounded in the air and seemed to echo although the room didnt appear to be accustic in a way to make such an echo, thats when they began to glow. The letters in the air floated spelling out some obscene childrens riddle. Rezz circled the perimeter of the room searching for something that could get them out of there not paying much mind to the riddle they had been presented with. He muttered to himself as he patted down the wals feeling the rough texture of the stonework, "we need, wheres the...blasted hell...cmon" his words were more grumbled sounds than anything but his frustration mounted quick when he finally blurted out aloud, "The door!" Rezz kept searching around not finding anything or realizing he had answered the riddle and would be a bit offgaurd when whatever happened when the answer was given would happen.-


At Rezz’s angry exclamation, a section of the wall on the left side of the room began to shine a bright, violent purple color.  It shone for what seemed like ages, then suddenly vanished, only appearing to fade as an afterglow in their eyes.  Once her vision cleared, Kaneda saw an opening where the light had been, and motioned for Valerius to investigate.  The large man nodded, walking briskly into the blackness of the opening, speaking only three words:  “Rune Magic: Illuminate.”, this resulting in a magic circle even brighter than the door had been, which emitted several bright orbs to light the way.  Valerius then could be seen walking down what now appeared to be a well-lit corridor, stopping at the end and turning back.  “Looks like stairs, leading up to another floor.” Hearing this, Kaneda nodded. “Well, off we go into the wild…mildly intimidating darkness.”  She said, as she walked into the corridor, Valerius at her side and again assuming Rezz would be close behind, if not forging ahead, turning at the end of the long corridor and beginning to ascend the stairs, their journey aided by the brightly glowing orbs that cheerfully frolicked along overhead, in intense contrast to the dread the tower would make anyone feel involuntarily.

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros reequips the carbine, and ignites it so he can use it as a torch. He walks over to the group, and looks at then, with a smile, he holds it at chest level. He walks towards the end of the hall. A runic script appears and translates it’s self into an language that we all can understand. The script glows on the wall, laminating the area that he is standing in, He looks at it and reads out load, “Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?” He takes a step back and holds his hand to his head. Sheathing the blazing gun blade. He looks at it with a grin, wondering what the wondering is. He smiles, “An excellent puzzle! I love them.” He grins like a twelve with a puzzle. “Hey, guys, we got an puzzle to solve, however, I am also drawing blanks. Care to help?” He waves at them to come over.

KatsuoOda: -"oh oh ey i know this, is it old man wiggy down the street? in the mornings his back hurts so her gets on all fours to skip the back pain, in the afternoon he takes his pills so the back pain is bettre so he can walk on two legs, in the evening he trains his dog to squat to pee so he walks on a leg and two hands while lifting his other leg up." well, at least that was what Aren thought it was. It was already aparent that he wasn't good with puzzles and riddles. "the hell is with this old coot and making all this stuff? why don't ya just come out and face us already so we can kick your can and send ya flying like a rocket?" Aren crossed his arms and scoffed, he hated stuff like this.-

KatsuoOda: he*

Andikins: {OO} We're gonna be here for a while if this keeps up, is what Oliver was thinking to himself. Coming from a family line of merchants and opportunists as they preferred to be called, Oliver was accustomed to dungeoneering basics and puzzles. "That's KIND of close Aren, but it's 'A Human', arms count as legs when you crawl on them." The door would of course have its runes spin about in front of itself like a slurry of liquids before flushing into the central keyhole and the door slowly opened. Along the stairway was a set of magical torches that they could all see their way through and travel upwards, "Come on guys, that's one of the eastiest and most common riddle puzzles that go into dungeons." Though the next floor would have been less of a riddle and more of a puzzle fight. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz had just blurted out the correct answer without realizing it and only noticed when the bright light of the new door opened and dimmed again. "Did I just...? Well that was easy enough i guess." Rezz followed in after Kaneda and Valerious, he found the large man a bit odd being as quiet as he was aside from his breif spell casting to light their way to the next floor up. Wether or not the others would be there as well would be a small mysetery in itself as none of them were in contact with the others. Rezz didnt like the fact there being allies in here cut off from him when he felt alot of this was riding on his shoulders, he didnt like it when he was a rune knight and he asuredly didnt like it now. It was easy to tell he was a bit on edge and wanted nothing more than to cut loose on one of these so called champoins, but as luck would have it he would have to reach a different floor to have that oppertunity. The new floor on which they traversed was more or less the sam as the one they had just left with only a small 2 carved into the floor infront of the door they just passed through. Once the three of them were inside the room the door behind them sealed shut again and thats when the fun began. the outer edge of the floor suddenly fell away leaving a two foot gap from the walls to the floor which then began to tilt and sink down on the side they were all still standing. If the three of them didnt move soon the floor itself would topple over completely and they would fall to who knows where. "Shit, we gotta move!" Rezz scrambled to get to the opposite side of the now teetering floor hoping to ballance it out and that Kaneda and Valerious did something similar, if any of them moved out of place theyd all fall.-


Kaneda flared her tin, using her superheightened senses to find just the right path to get herself and Valerius across without any of the three falling.  She turned to Valerius, who nodded with a grunt.  Moving carefully, Valerius made his way to the center of the square, assuming the stance of a sumo wrestler.  Lifting his left foot, the side which faced Rezz, he lifted his foot, weight still balanced, and slammed it down with a loudly shouted “DOSUKOI!” resulting in the dust on the floor kicking up in a wave as the balance shifted violently, tipping the floor to reveal a wide ledge with a ladder, which led to a small alcove with a doorway.  Giving Rezz time to jump to the ledge and ascend said ladder, Kaneda and Valerius ran across the floor—Valerius slightly limping, he’d hit the floor harder than he’d anticipated.  Once they had all reached the alcove, another test presented itself, in the form of a rotary lock on the door; each were separated into three: one bore the likeness of a cat, another a rat and the third a rooster.  She looked over at Rezz after studying this strange lock, inquiring “Think your luck extends to these?  Looks a bit more difficult.”

KatsuoOda: -Aren blinked, "well... I knew it was something close! hot dog let's get on this horsey and ride!" Ha said racing up the stairs as Oliver solved the riddle. He stopped, hearing what heard like crashing, banging, collapsing. the ground he stood on shook, he loked up but nothing was comming down. "I think something's goin on with the others above us, We better get to movin boys." he said, using his arms as legs to make it up the stairs faster.-