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• 1/22/2016

Starry Night Tournament: Round 1

Round 1 Match 1: Oliver Oxford v Rezz Kain


Distant drums beat heavily as people poured into the compound--the tournament was starting tonight, with its first match--Oliver Oxford, Cane Requip user of Demon Howl, versus Rezz Kain, Shadow God Slayer of Ghost Smile.  The arena was clear; the match hadn't started yet, and combatants were in preparation.  Lines in the shop were out the door, nearly reaching the stairway up the mountain as more and more people flooded in, a small detachment of Rune Knights encamped by the door to discourage shoplifting.  Kaneda’s voice rang out through a magical speaker system:  “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!  And welcome, one and all, to our first annual Starry Night Tournament.  Tonight’s match will be between Oliver Oxford of Demon Howl and Rezz Kain of Ghost Smile.  Commentating on the match is a guest, known only as Magepool.  Please make your way to the arena, as the bout will begin shortly.  Enjoy!”  followed by a feedback screech and a small thump.

Andikins: {OO} Oliver kicked his cane's bottom upwards, twirling it about his wrist without grabbing a hold of it and then onto his shoulder with a light clank sound and he grabbed a hold of it. "Guess that's our cue huh ma boy?" Oliver rolled his shoulders forward, leaping toward the guy and getting a vault with his cane to get some extra height and distance, the gold hook of his cane glowing as he went forward and over Rezz hopefully with great speed, winging the cane this way and that, leaving angular lines in the sky where he slashed, "Lattice Cut!" Now normally that spell was used in melee attacks but as Oliver Landed, he pivoted about on his feet, swinging upwards from the ground at Rezz from behind, the same glow from before shining, "Lattice blast!" This was just like the lattice cut, but it fired off the blast for a short ranged attack, and sent all the other hanging blasts flying in the direction they were pointed from before, in this case, being at Rezz. Oliver just tried to get a teaser going to see if Rezz picked up any new tricks. That and he recalled to be very careful and close to the ground to counter the sudden onset of his shadow attacking him. While he might not have looked it, Oliver was keen at remembering minute details of adversaries or riddles and things of the like. {OO

GhostofSenyx: -Oliver seemed a bit more nimble now that he wasn’t using that big shield of his, this would make this fight more fast paced than when they did some training together as he wouldn’t be spending the whole time hiding behind his defenses. With a few quick moves Oliver was behind Rezz and he was surrounded by multiple energy arc spells coming straight for him with another blast from behind where Oliver now stood, but Rezz wanted to see just how well Oliver fought when he was on the attack and was so far pleased in the early stages. Rezz waited for as long as he could until all the arcs were on him and dropped down and became a shadow on the ground as the spells collided in the space he had just occupied. Once the arcs exploded above him and kicked up a cloud of dirt and debris Rezz used that as cover to dash about in shadow form till he was just outside of arms reach of Oliver’s offhand side (opposite side of what hand is holding your cane) and sprung out of the shadow form to unleash and struck with a superman punch with his right hand, detonating the concussive blast of the spell whether he would hit him or not. though the range of the burst was short it had the force of nearly a stick of dynamite exploding which would cause moderate damage to another wizard if they were struck with the full force of the spell. If Oliver was in close enough proximity to them if he was only able to dodge or block the punch he would feel its power and be thrown off his balance leaving him open for a spinning back kick from Rezz’s left leg to his chest with the same potential power as the punch. If either of these blows landed on him Oliver would be sent back rolling on the ground several feet and possibly have the wind knocked from him if he was struck by the kick or have his vision blurred if hit by the punch. Rezz's left hand and right leg would still be coated in shadow as he steeled himself for his next move with a few beads of sweat on his brow and breathing a little harder as he was still slightly winded from his sprint to get to the match.-

KatsuoOda: -"git'cha candy, drinks, and action figures 'ere..." Aren sighed, he knew Oliver told him to watch the stand, but no matter what he did people just didn't want to come over, which made him restless. He looked up on the screen towards Oliver, and that shadow slayers big fight, "Come on short stuff take that cane and smack the back of his legs with it...” that was when Aren's eyes lit up, he had an idea. He grabbed his guitar. What if he made up a song to describe all the stuff at the stand? Would that raise enough money for demon howl and the town? "hm..." he sat on a stool with his guitar and thought. "Oh!" he strummed his guitar and started playing a fast, active joyous melody, "Leeeeet's journey to the tourney now today! hay hay! Let's journey to the tourney now today!" he paused for a moment and strummed the guitar in the same tune, "Let's see what this guild has on display! Hay hay! Let's see all the toys of Kane in her unday!" he picked up a Kaneda action figure that only had underwear on it and gave it a squeeze to make it squeak twice then put it down, "I don't know about you, but today must not be gay, cause there's a tourney here everydayyy hey hey!" he lifted his guitar like he was having fun, but the tournament people just thought the song was weird and pushed themselves further back from the stand. "Aww...” Aren made a sad face and drug his guitar back to the stool.-

Andikins: {OO} Well a deft dodge was expected, but the guy disappearing completely was another story. Though Rezz' shadow remained, Oliver looked up and around at the angle the shadow was moving in case he was-wait-he IS the shadow! Oliver turned to get ready to dodge but he didn't have enough time for it. He stabbed his cane into the ground where the shadow was, hook tip down, thinking it could be some way to stop the guy, but with his free hand, he reached out and grabbed on to his opponent's arm with all of his might, his body shuddering when the blast force hit him, but he stared down Rezz while the spin kick happened, Oliver going with and letting go when he had the chance to, getting himself thrown toward a more shaded area of the arena. He wanted to test something out, yes his foe's power came from the shadows, but Oliver saw that only happening for shadows of the immediate area and when there is light around them, how would a shadow survive in the shade without getting swallowed up? But just to be safe, Oliver lifted his cane up high and in a flash of light, split it into two ninja Sai looking tools with one of the points aimed downward as a handguard and the other upwards while the middles were still in the shape of the hooks. His feet were now big-toe and sectional toe tabi while his shins were tightly wrapped and thighs in baggy cloth pants. He had a traditional sleeveless gi on and belt, his hat and scarf shifting into that of a ninja hood and mask, leaving only his eyes, His arms were adorned in fake tattoos chronicling his adventures and those of his ancestor Hayate, "Shino Canes." {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -So close Rezz thought to himself, had he been a little faster or Oliver just a little slower the fight would've been his right there and then even the crowd thought it would be over as they suddenly became more alive. Well if they wanted a show Rezz was about to give it to them, as Oliver amazingly avoided taking the full brunt of his kick and punch attacks he retreated to a shaded part of the arena whether he did this intentionally or not put him in a bad spot as he was in a way on Rezz's turf. Now adorned in what looked like a ninja monks robes with some serious looking weapons replacing his cane he looked ready for this to be a battle of blades than one with spells, though Rezz would be delighted in making himself some weapons to match his opponents and throw down with them he had a that gleam in his eye that his old rune knight comrades knew all too well that something big and dangerous was brewing in his mind he was about to pull off something that landed him in the brig on several occasions and kept him from ever being promoted within the ranks. Since Oliver was in perfect place as his shady spot was close to the arena wall Rezz turned to face him and took in a large breath and drew in the shadow that Oliver was standing on to add to his power. "Shadow god, HOWL!" Rezz lurched forward and opened his mouth wide as he shouted that final word and the breath attack spewed forth from his mouth, it was conical shaped and expanded rapidly reaching its full width at 20 foot diameter and was comprised of small black razor edged shadow shurikens that looked as if they could rip someone to shreds. The attack was powerful and moved with tremendous speed and coupled with its size made it extremely difficult to dodge as it flew through the air o where Oliver stood and continued past him to hit into and climb the arena wall triggering the protective barrier to stop it from spilling out into the crowd nearly causing everyone on the other side of it to panic as the barrier became staticy looking but would still hold strong against the attack. Odds of escaping this were small but if Oliver was hit by a full powered howl like this he may lose the fight here and now.-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, now in his Balance form, was ready for more maneuverability. He was much more agile and nimble with the Shino Canes than Bulwark or the Base form of his cane. People would clearly be able to tell the difference as noted by his reaction time when he took note of the massive shadow he was in being sucked up by Rezz while he got into the pose that every slayer had to use their roar or howl. Having already faced off against the Iron Dragon Slayer once and Rezz once before already, Oliver was running backwards toward the wall, and then up it. Not even affected by gravity or the odd angle he was at along the wall, Oliver made a B-line to the side to get out of the path of the Howl, continuing along the arena walls. See the Shino Canes granted Oliver balance magic, his direction of mass was always getting pointed toward his feet no matter what direction he was at. Under his perception, everything seemed to shift around him as if the wall was now the floor. It took some getting used to at first, but Oliver now had a pretty good mastery of finagling himself around on nothing but the floor, because everything as the floor to him. Even the air, which he leapt off of with the help of a magical platform created at his feet when he rocketed off the wall to get toward the side of Rezz. Oliver gathered magical energy into his two canes, charging up from the wooden ends to the very tips of the golden hooks before they ignited into magical packets, "Solution 2!" He flung both of his arms at Rezz, throwing the explosive packets which would collide with one another at his location or each other if he moved and create a volatile pocket of air that would collapse in and create a flash of light to eliminate any shadows in the immediate vicinity. Time to mess with Rezz' food supply. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -The nimble bastard got away again, is all he can do without his shield is run from me? A slight twinge of annoyance caused one of Rezz eyebrows to twitch as he ended his howl and tracked Oliver’s run along the wall and into the air as he made his countermove and used his arms spell to conjure two short swords of shadows in his hands. The shadow that Rezz consumed had been used solely to power his howl so he didn’t get much of a recharge off of it but his instincts worked faster than his mind sometimes and without hesitating Rezz threw the two blades at the oncoming spells Oliver sent at him. The spell collided in midair between the two and with two bright flashes of light would make the two cover their eyes briefly. Long thin shadows were being cast by all the shifted dirt and debris from the arena ground and from the two combatants themselves, those sources of light wouldn’t last long and Rezz immediately began to consume all the new shadows (aside from his own or Oliver’s) The flashes faded quick but the gave Rezz enough time to eat his meal and restore his strength. No longer winded and almost back to full strength, surrounding himself in shadowy energy Rezz went into a kickboxers stance with his legs spread to shoulder width and his arms up and ready to square off against Oliver’s next move.-



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• 1/23/2016


Andikins: {OO} How many times was he gonna pig out on shadows? Rezz kept restoring his strength and Oliver kept using up his energy. There had to be some way to get the upper hand in this fight. Well why just one when Oliver could get two upper hands? He clasped his hands together, clanging the hooks together as a featureless version of himself split from his body, taking one of the canes while he held the other, "Replica, balance between two locations of one person." This magical entity had half of Oliver's power but could use all the spells he had. The two split up, the copy taking up point behind and to the left of Rezz while Oliver prepped another Lattice cut array. The copy had done the same, setting up a wide quarter circle of the floating angled slashes all pointed toward Rezz. The featureless copy performed the lattice blast, while Oliver himself charged up Solution 2, throwing the packet in thirds (that is splitting it up into three smaller blasts, aimed to keep Rezz from running away from the closing in lattice work. This left only one option if Rezz wanted to avoid any cross fire, and that was up. If he did go up, Oliver and the copy would both perform Solution 2, trying to bean Rezz with the harmful magic packets! {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz's body was coursing with newly restored energy while Oliver seemed to be wearing lower with each passing minute, if he could keep up the pressure this way Rezz would just wear Oliver out and win with the battle of attrition but something like that took too long and was never a guarantee to victory especially if he got careless or made a mistake. While Oliver chanted his spell and created a copy of himself Rezz used a bit of cover the shadow power around him gave him and used his foot to dig up a little of the dirt ground and make a small pit with his toes, just enough of a hole that would cast just the barest of shadows in it. while he did that he tracked the movements of the two Oliver’s and prepared for his next move, they were both using the same spells from the last time he went on the offensive but this time there seemed to be more of them but it made no difference for what he was about to do. Rezz gave off a fake panicked looked as if all the spells coming at him was too much and he was going to be hit but at the last possible moment Rezz went into shadow form again and hid himself within the small shadow of the pit his foot dug out as the spells collided above him and sent a cascade of both light and debris. This light burst once again worked in his favor and Rezz used the opportunity to create a shadow puppet from both Oliver and his clones shadows, they were each exact copies of himself in form and strength and when they rose up they didn’t move slow but rather as if they jumped off a spring board and came right up from underneath Oliver and his clone with their fists leading their assent to punch them both in the jaw with a vicious uppercut. since he had made two of them their strength was a little less than what Rezz's full strength would be but given the battle that’s happened so far the power drop could be written off as fatigue if Oliver was observant enough to feel the difference if he was hit. While his shadow puppets did his work Rezz waited in shadow form for the next opportunity to strike at Oliver.-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver was just getting annoyed now, this guy just kept hiding instead of trying to get back into the fight. Not only that it was the stupid shadow puppets again, "Come on chap! This is just bollocks!" Oliver leaned backwards and avoided the uppercut, swinging his right leg across to knock the shadow puppet in the side of the noggin. True to a shadow user, his attacks came from the unknown, and after a while, they got predictable. That was just the thing, you can't keep trying the same tactic, unless you implemented it in a different way. Oliver's copy twirled its cane and swung it with a Lattice Cut, the light emanating from the hook enough to sever the shadow puppet's arm. Hopefully with both puppets taken care of, Oliver would meet up with his copy and the two would return to normal, returning Oliver to his original power and he would revert back to his base form. If all of that was said and done, he would rush over to where Rezz was and spin his cane in front of himself, garnering a cobalt glow before punching forth with the cane and blasting off magical energy right at the guy if he was there, or at the little pit he made for himself, seeking to use the light generated and the angle to ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATE THE SHADOWS IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA, and then try to hook Rezz's foot and sweep him off the ground. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Although the last time he had used his puppets against Oliver it went down easily but they weren’t to be underestimated, they not only had his strength but his fighting skills as well even if they couldn’t use Rezz's magic that still made them a force to be reckoned with. The first puppet going against Oliver himself brought up its arm to intercept and block the kick to its head, the impact with its arm would cause someone to grunt from the force but being as the puppets didn’t make sound only a slight change in its facial features gave away any sense of it feeling something. Before Oliver could retract his leg the puppet grabbed hold of it and pushed against him to knock him down on the ground by throwing off his balance to set him up for Rezz's blow from behind, since his and his copy were both focused on the puppets in front of them that gave Rezz the time and diversion to move around and behind Oliver while in his shadow form. Springing up from behind Oliver about four feet away Rezz shouted and performed another breath attack this time at a much closer range so that the speed of the spell and the width of it (roughly 6 feet in diameter by the time it gets to you) would make it unavoidable. The breath attack would most likely destroy his puppet as well but that wasn’t much of a concern since he still had the other to deal with Oliver’s own copy. The second shadow puppet having missed its surprise attack as well was now having to deal with the copy trying to cast that lattice spell again but instead of waiting for it as Rezz had to gain an upper hand the puppet instead rolled and circled around the clone and tried to tackle him to the ground and get it into some kind of grappled position so it couldn’t get back to Oliver thinking that this type of copy spell had a continuous drain on one’s magic energy and if his spells power wore out and the copy disappeared then the part of the cane might be within Rezz's puppets chance to steal further limiting what Oliver might be able to do without it.-

OgaTatsumi: “Ladies and gentlemen this fight has just been on fired from the start! Both combatants has been going at each other non-stop! It’s been an apocalyptic battle so far, question is how much will it last? Oliver manages to dodge the Godly shadow roar.” Mr. Hacklebottom hyping the crowds cheering from the stands “A-poc-key-lips…..hey I think I found my new favorite word!” Magepool shouted with so much excitement while leaning over into the balcony staring down at the fight. “I hope you boy and girls ready for the fight of the century. I got my sunscreen on and my motion sickness ready! Let’s get this ride over!” Magepool shouting while the fight continues with shadow puppets being created. “Magepool who you looking to win?” Mr. Hacklebottom asked him. “Well I would like for your self-deprecating humor to win you over a good jokes as good as mine. But I like to go with the crazy hat dude, I mean dude with a cane! I mean A CANE! Just total wicked.” Magepool replied “Well I don’t know about a cane Magepool, but he is facing a Shadow God slayer. One of the deadliest magic and slayers in this era I think your cane wizard Oliver is in over his head.” Mr. Hacklebottom answered “Looky *motioning his hands as if he was sizing a cane up* a CANNEEEE…….a cane.” Was all Magepool said while staring back down at the fight with Oliver dodging the uppercut so smoothly and now Rezz is forcing to attack on him. Just been a back and forth battle and crowds on their feet.

KanedaSoturi: -a happy little tiny red plane flies overhead, leaving words in its wake: "Step up your game-Drink InJECKTion"-

Andikins: {OO} Well Oliver's return attempt with his copy went horribly, but with his copy getting tackled, it remained as if it was on the ground, despite its feet not being on the ground. Such was the special ability of the Shino Cane, Oliver was always "on the ground" even while in the air, he always had the magic platform at the ready to jump off of, as did the copy. The copy though, rather than jumping when it was tackled, sought to drive its Lattice Cut charged cane through the shadow puppet's gut to disperse it and then seek to throw the cane toward Oliver with great speed such that it would reach Oliver who had leapt after being pushed over by the other shadow puppet. Oliver was in the air, upside down mind you, as he caught the spare cane, regardless if the other puppet was taken care of or not. The shadow howl came and went right under Oliver while the puppets and the copy were inadvertently caught in the blast. "Solution 2," Oliver had one of his canes pointed straight down at the top of Rezz' head, the other cane held back and ready to throw the volatile magic packet down at him. "And that'd be check, mate. How's about we call it quits before anything bad happens?" {OO}

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz was starting to wonder if Oliver used some form of speed magic to be able to dodge and escape all his strongest attacks, he must have the devils luck or something but it couldn’t last forever and when his luck would run out Rezz was gonna make sure to finish him off and claim his well-earned victory. Somehow at the weird angle Oliver was he was able to jump up and out of the shadow puppets grasp and narrowly escape the howl that should’ve finished him off or at the very least left him in a position where Rezz could’ve gotten him to surrender once the dust had settled. The shadow puppet that was working to keep Oliver from getting away was just able to roll out of harm’s way at the moment Oliver escaped its grasp but the shadow puppet and Oliver’s clone were not so lucky. While they were wrestling the clone was able to stab and destroy the shadow Puppet despite its efforts in trying to grab and steal the cane piece before they were hit by the breath attack. Unfortunately the shadow puppets demise gave Oliver’s clone just enough time to throw the cane to Oliver before it too was destroyed. But the real Rezz and Oliver were still in this fight along with Rezz's last shadow puppet who would be fading soon even though no visible signs of that would happen Rezz knew how long it would last with there being two brought out at once as the duration of his spell would wear off soon so he had to make its last actions count before it would wink out and the shadow it came from would return to normal. Oliver was above Rezz and powering up a spell at point blank range so Rezz's mind worked faster than his body did and just over him formed a shield made of shadows created by his arms spell, the shield would be big enough to intercept the spell should Oliver fire it at him but wouldn’t do much to prevent any shock from the impact so more than likely Rezz would be knocked back by it but would be alright for the most part as he was still at a good health being he only received some indirect damage but made sure not to make it look as though he had. At the same time as his shield formed the surviving puppet who narrowly escaped the breath attack along with Oliver sprang into action and leapt up into the air to attack Oliver with the strongest blow it could muster, If Oliver didn’t do something about the puppet he would surely be hit but if he did he would leave a gap in which Rezz would push the shield up and try to bash it into Oliver.  Oliver had two possible attacks coming at him and whatever one he tried to counter he would be left open and get caught by the other.-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, wanting to get this to go on, and poised right above his foe, disregarded the tackle of the shadow puppet. He just charged magic from his two canes to his feet and leapt off the platform, going straight down and seeking to stab through the shield that Rezz had made, utilizing Solution 2's power. And if Solution two wasn't enough, "Lattice Blast!" After striking the shield, he would immediately spread both canes outward and use the force of slicing the shield to send himself flipping backwards, and a blast wave through the shield hopefully (if it was still a problem). This would mean he would cause an explosion (from Solution 2 and Lattice blast being fired off in such close proximity to one another) that would damage himself regardless, but the light and force would hopefully be enough to pierce through the shield. He was getting attacked by that puppet, but right now, he focused on retaliating to Rezz. When he got tackled, Oliver's feet got a feint glow to them and he utilized the Full Stop ability of his Shino Cane form. It was a spell that kept him in place, regardless of the blow that hit him, but he still felt the force if not felt even more of it because his body refused to move. He just crossed his arms in front of himself when the tackle came and after the blow happened, he would jump up off multiple magic platforms to put himself up thirty feet in the air, staying there and flipping upside down for one last dive bomb attack, wherever Rezz went unless he was too chicken and went into his shadow form again. Though on this second dive bomb, there was a flash of light and slipping through the light as if it was liquid would be Oliver in his Bulwark form, seeking to plant a Hedgehog dive bomb attack on Rezz's location. Whatever happened, Oliver was putting it all on this Hail Mary, with little left in him, and he hoped to at least land a hit on the guy who seemed to be oddly powerful for just an E-rank. {OO}

KatsuoOda: -Aren was leaning on his hand yawning a little bit, nobody was still buying from Demon howl's stand, and with so many of the wizards being new and rarely known, their action figures were not selling at all. "You better win this Oliver Mate..." Aren said looking up at the screen again. "Or else I’m goin to remove your action figure's clothes... I only sold two naked Kaneda dolls...clothes included." he said with a face desk. A lightbulb appeared above his head and he lifted it up. "Kick action butt with a Cane kiddos, yeh that's right, Demon howl's Oliver Oxford action figures on sale for the ladies, cheeks pinchable for the brown haired guy!" he said grabbing a doll and pinching it's cheeks stretching Oliver's face, "elp raise money for the Demon howl guild, buy yours today, Oliver at 20% off the original price if he wins!" a little girl walked up to the stand then, and raised a hand, "Yeh, sap darlin?" Aren smiled, finally, another customer. "Wanna Oliver doll?" the girl stood there and smiled. "Are the Rezz dollies gonna be on sale if he wins?" she asked, twirling her dress. Aren looked around. "Uhhh... yeh?" the girl creeped him, out, she got a hellish look on her face as she swatted the Oliver doll away and placed an order for a Rezz doll. Oliver's doll ended up with its head stuck into one of the stand's wood beams with its Cane twirling around on its hand. She blinked and looked up. "Tee hee, thank you!" she skipped away, Aren gulped, hiding his own dolls from evil little kids, and trying to pull the Oliver doll from the wood post. "Poor Oli... guess kiddies don't like the sophisticated look... they be likin the bad ass look instead nowadays I guess..." he yanked the doll out, but it's head was still stuck, when he realized he had in his hands a headless Oliver doll he screeched and dropped it. "YEEK!"-

GhostofSenyx: -It all happened at once it seemed, the shadow puppet landing one final blow on Oliver before being blown away as it dissipated and returned to normal as Oliver’s shadow, the spells blowing up between Rezz and Oliver sending Rezz half flying half tumbling back several feet covering him in dust and dirt his arm almost numb with the pain from doing his best to keep the shield intact to diminish the damage to him but the shield wasn’t able to hold out against all that at once. Rezz was on the ground and vulnerable he was lucky that Oliver wasn’t right on top of him but after that kind of power in those spells he had to be running on fumes at this point. Even so where was he, could he have taken the brunt of all that as well? That’s crazy even the most novice of spellcasters made sure to keep themselves from being hurt bad by their own spells, he must not have had a choice given that situation. Once Rezz got his bearings he looked back to where he had been to find Oliver but he was higher up in the air, or at least thought it was him all he could see was a massive object coming down at him. Scrambling to get out of the way his ears were buzzing too loud from the blast to hear the bell that was ringing signaling the fight was being brought to an end. Rezz was too out of it to dive into his shadow form to escape and couldn’t hear the falling mass coming down to gauge if he could make it out of the way in time or not, he just had to keep moving till he felt the impact from the ground or on his body. A large crash of force came down behind him making a large dust cloud and wind billow up all around him, that’s when he felt it his right leg was still in the path of what had to be Oliver’s shield and it came down right on it. Rezz screamed out in pain as he rolled onto his right side but he was more or less pinned down and as far as he knew this fight was still going and he wasn’t one for giving up so with no other options to him he drew the sword he carried to use as a last defense. He had no idea on what powers the enchanted sword carried within it but he didn’t care right now he had to be ready for what was to come next. As the dust cleared and he could see everything again the ringing in his ears faded as well, that’s when he heard the announcers voice coming from the loudspeakers....-

Andikins: {OO} While Oliver may have won the fight, if he even did, he was nearly unconscious against his shield as he hoisted it up against the ground and leaned against it for support like the door it was. His eyes were half lidded and he refused to shut them, despite his body yelling at him to take a nap and sleep it off, he just smiled and looked down at his feet, unaware from the blood dripping from his forehead (not a large amount but enough to drip drop onto the ground.) {OO}

KatsuoOda: -"o...OI LOOK! Oliver won! Ha! Haha! 20% off Oliver dolls!" Aren rang out, a lot of kids rushed over, they were some of the children that attended Aren's Musical shows on the streets, they were amazed at how Oliver took down a god slayer using holder magic, everyone was so impressed, and excited. Everyone wanted Oliver's action figure. Some of the kids wanted Aren's too, which made him blush a little. "Play us another song mister!" some of them jumped up. Aren turned his guitar around and started playing a joyful melody, "God Slayer you’re slayin is done, one swat on the leg and Oliver has won," he continued playing, "Oliver has won, but what comes next well now we'll see, will Oliver continue?" He looked at the screen, "there's only one way to tell what to be, look up and wait but for now Oli you sleep!" he said watching Oliver on the screen on the verge of passing out, the kids were happy and excited, Aren smiled, this was going to be more fun than he thought.-

KanedaSoturi: The dust cleared--it was clear the fight was done. The panel, made up of several unaffiliated wizards, could be seen just vaguely talking among themselves. After what seemed like an eternity, an incredibly small man who appeared to be their spokesman hopped up on the table, speaking in a thin, reedy voice. "This match very nearly ended in a draw. However, had the bell not rung when it did, the match would have gone to Oxford, and thus are we rendering the decision. Challenger Kain will be placed on the second-place bracket."

GhostofSenyx: -His mind was buzzing, did he hear right that he was announced as the loser? After everything he put into that fight it was over just like that, this was not his day. With a heavy sigh and grunting from the pain in his right leg and the feeling starting to come back in his arm Rezz laid back on the dirt as Oliver got up off him and the medics came over to check out his leg and help him off the arena floor. He looked over to Oliver and gave a silent nod of accepting his lost and congratulating him on his win the left mostly with his own power but guided by the medics even though they wanted him to lie down on a stretcher to be carted off but that wasn’t his style. One of the medics aids grabbed his pack as Rezz went back into the combatants’ area and had his leg looked at while the crowd cheered and booed much the same way they did when Oliver first entered the arena-

 Match victor: Oliver Oxford

• 1/30/2016

Round 1 Match 2: Aetheros v Jeckt Saiko

Bells tolled in the compound; this was really the only way to get everyone’s attention, it was so loud.  Kaneda’s voice rang out over the loudspeaker, trying to talk over a small fight that had broken out behind her.  “Welcome everyone, to Round One, Match Two of the Starry Night Tournament.  Today, we see Aetheros, a wandering Requip user, against Jeckt Saiko, an Iron user.  Our guest referee for this match will be—“ A thump could be heard, followed by the form of a lightly armored mage flying off the stadium as though shot from a cannon.  “Apologies, the guest referee for this match will be Rezz Kain.  Standard tournament rules apply, this fight will be to point of incapacitation.  Killshots are not permitted.  Refreshments are available in the Guild Shop, starting at 250 Jewel.”

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros the wander, walked into the tournament with his gun-blade drawn. He looks at the man that he is about to fight. His red eyes filled with determination and cold, calculating thoughts. He thinks for a little while, getting into stance. He looks at the man in front of him, in an odd manner, he smiles. “ This is going to be a fun little battle, a long time since the military for me to show people my skill.” He requips the gun-blade Elysium. The shine of the gold and silver with the ornate writing on the blade it’self reminds him of the hardships of the past. He stands there, with an blank stare. “Look buddy, I don’t want to fight, however, I am not afraid to fight back.” He says with a smile. Calculating on what he wants to do next for this battle.

Guest_RandomMaskedShinobi: As the requip mage spoke to the male, the tiny guy just laughed and shook his head. " Me? Nonono, I'm just the janitor, Scruffy. I'm tidying up the arena so you guys have a level playing field..jus runnin a mite late, sorry!" And with that Scruffy took off towards the entrance opposite that with Aetheros entered. As the tiny man exited, a shadow befell him. Passing the diminutive person, Jeckt entered the battle field wearing his nearly trad-marked coat, complete with it's Magnium lining. The substance was known for its properties at weakening magic of every sort, though this would mean that Jeckt's spells wouldn't be at full power unless he removed the garment. His boots held an Iron toe that hooked down, went through the sole of his boot and covered his heel. Strapped to his back was a massive blade that rivaled the man's own gigantic size of seven feet two inches.The weapon itself was comprised of seven smaller blades, each with a different shape and weight for use in the unusual combat scenarios he finds himself in. His crimson mane not only came down to his mid back, but hung around his shoulder's giving the impression of a lion's mane, earning him the nickname among his old colleagues in the Nine Masked Legion "Bloody Lion". Taking in the gunblade wielder's stature, the larger male gave a razor-toothed smirk as he shook his head and turned towards he crowd, pumping a single, titanic fist into the air giving a wild roar that simply vibrated with his dormant magical power, " ARE YOU READY TO SEE SOME CAAAARNAAAAAGE?!" Flashing a sideways glance to his foe, he gave a wink in an attempt to give the 'it's just for show' message across. " You wanna see this guy get beaten with his own limbs?! How about this? I promise not to use a single spell until he does? Anyone out there wanna see how long he lasts?" Turning to his opponent, Jeckt dropped into a low crouch, his steel backed, finger-less gloves led down into armored bracers hidden beneath the sleeves of his coat, as well as a pair of shin guards hidden behind the ebony hued pants he wore. Each shoulder was encased in a magnium paulrdon, as were each of his knees, making debilitating shots on his joints that much more difficult. Grinning wider than before, his canines slipped out and hung over his lower lip like those death dealing daggers of the ancient Smilidon, more commonly known as a saber toothed tiger. Was it an illusion? Were they really that big? Maybe it wasn't the length one should worry about, but the odd, metttalic shine they held. " Come at me, bruh. And come at me hard, I wanna make you scream as I saw through your legs with that little toy of yours. COME.AT.ME!!!!!!" The statement was shouted with all the force he could muster, sending the sand from the arena floor flying at the other guy in a flurry of dust devils, the symphony of a full crows crying out with hi. Were they cheering? Booing? Did he care? it was time to play!

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros looks at the man, this 5’11 male looks and says “Well, then. You know how to talk, but can you walk the walk?” He says. Looking at him with his piercing red eyes. “Keep up!” With a flick of the wrist the gunblade transforms into its rifle mode. With still the same markings, and he takes aim at him, then he shoots a concussive shot. With the loud bang, the gun shoots the shot at him. As the recoil shoots through the gunblade, the blade extends back to the original position with the blade extended. Then he starts running at him. Charging with the blade pointed at him.

Guest_RandomMaskedShinobi: At the moment he saw the weapon begin to change form, the male pushed off from the ground to launch himself at his attack, mouth wide open in a sinister, almost mocking laugh. He'd closed within ten feet of the male before the gun was even fired, sucking up the bullet as it flew and consuming it like any other piece of metal he'd be attacked with. Not showing any external signs of slowing, the concussive round was broken down within him before the explosion took place, nullifying the effect and allowing him to remain unhindered as he leapt mid-charge in a attempt to wrap his arms around the smaller male's waist. This would take place as the weapon began shifting back into a sword, revealing that despite his size, he was deceptively fast. If the grapple was locked, he'd lean over backwards, slamming the gunblader's skull into the ground. Due to the sand, the impact would be lessened in force due to the give, how ever the sand itself would act as an irritant, causing abrasions to the face and possibly hindering the mage's sight. If he missed the grapple the titanic mage would jump back so that he remained four feet from the gunner, amused at the crowd's roaring cries.

Guest_roxas123243: Aetheros groans, but he picks himself up off the ground. “What? It had no effect?” He looks at him, wiping the sand away from his eyes. He gets some distance away from him. Thinking that there is no why that he can win, not easily. Jumps back from him, getting some distance. He studies the man’s garments, and just stares at him. “Why did that not work? What are you using?” He says in an angered voice. “What are you using, that is dampening my magic?” he yells.

Guest_RandomMaskedShinobi: The second the opposing male rose to his feet, Jeckt was on him like white on rice, moving in with a speed that made him appear as nothng more than a crimson blur two inches from Aetheros. However, that blur would last only three seconds, revealing it only to be an optical illusion, much like a low level after image. He was, infact, by the passing of the first second, airborne. It was a trick he'd picked up in a spar not to long ago from a rather unique individual by the name of Oliver. When the cane using mage pulled this trick, h'ed nearly crushed jeckt with a massive shield. In this instance, however, jeckt was aiming a double heeled drop kick towards the smaller male's skull. His original movement took place as his foe said the word 'using'.The hit, if it connected, had more than enough force to cause a massive concussion with a very high probability of fracturing the boy's skull if not outright knocking him unconcious. The blow was timed so that it would land just as the word 'dampening' was spewed from the gunner. Upon landing the blow, Jeckt would proceed to stomp his skull into the dirt until he stopped moving, however if his blow missed, he'd give the guy a chance to recover, waiting for Aethros's anger to throw off his game. Such were the skills bestowed upon him by the Legion, the art of physical and psychological warfare.

Guest_roxas123243: Dodging the last blow and countering with a very powerful right hook. “Gah that hurt. Using anger against me I wonder?” He says, trying to put distance between him. After all, he thought that he is not going to win, then he realized if his magic is not doing anything to him, then what will? He thinks, moving away, but the images blurred. He stood near the gate of the room. “Alright, you got to be an higher rank then I am.” Then he keeps his eyes on the savage beast. He falls to his knees, clenching his stomach; then he vomits in fear. “I…Cannot…Go…On.” He says that as a surrender. Then he falls to the ground next to the purged contents, that happened to have some traces of blood in it. He falls unconscious

Guest_RandomMaskedShinobi: Having knocked his foe unconscious, the red headed brute sauntered over and lofted the gunblade up, as if he were going to pick his teeth with it. Holding the weapon in his right hand, he lifted the pained, not long for this world mage up by his collar using his left hand and dragged him from the arena. Throwing his form at the standing-by medical mages, Jeckt began to eat the gunblade, crunching down on it and enjoying the flavor. It was tangy with a massive spicy punch. It was an unusual weapon, and as such he felt it was of the utmost importance to enjoy such a delicacy. The bullet that was fired previously was like a hot pepper going down, and he couldn't wait until he got to the chamber. To him, that was going to be the best part, much like the nougat-y center of a finely made sweet. If anyone were to try and part the male from his prize as he left the area, he'd shoot them a glare and demand thirty cases of energy drinks in exchange.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the match as Kaneda’s voice rang out once again through the speaker.  “This match’s winner by knockout is Jeckt Saiko.  Jeckt will go on to face Oliver Oxford in the next round.”  A short feedback burst could be heard then, followed by a low growl as another mage launched from the stadium, cracking his head on the bell and falling limply to the ground.  “Healers are requested at the Arena.  One injured, one possibly dead.”  As the words were heard, teams of healer mages arrived at the scene, first moving Aetheros to a stretcher, as he still showed signs of life, and wheeling him off to the clinic, then returning for the other unfortunate, crumpled heap on the Arena floor.  “Jeckt tournament figurines will be 20% off at the Guild Store until the second round, which will begin when combatants are suitably prepared.”  A small beep could be heard then, as the microphone was turned off for the moment.

Match Winner:  Jeckt Saiko

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