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• 1/18/2016

Gryphon Wing-Gryphon City


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• 1/18/2016


Job Location: Gryphon City

Job Description: Your job is to assassinate an asset of the magic council snitch. Apparently this snitch is a S class mage who happens to carry a magic book of death spells. Rumor has it this magic uses sound magic. But he is seen inside a tavern for the night called “Holy Sheets and Grill”. Kill him before he reach Iron Pass, otherwise you lose the target when he rendezvous with guild members of Iron Pass. 

Job Reward: 825 Jewels, EXP


Holy Sheets and grill, a truely luxurious tavern with chandeliers made of gold and diamonds, the walls platinum, and the floor of the tavern was clean enough to eat on. The S-Ranked snitch that was planning on staying there must have had quite the abundance of jewels to even stay one night at the extravagant place. Sadly, for that man, there was another agenda that was assigned for him by an unknown employer of the young S-Class Witch known as Arachnis. The man of whom she had been assigned to exterminate was named Alphonse, and he had a large bear belly along with thick blond hairy arms. He wore the richest of garments that seemed to be made of jewels and silk. As Alphonse sat at the bar table in his high stool, he would soon come face to face with his killer without knowing the plans she had in mind for him.

In the back of the tavern, a young brown haired maiden exited the backdoor in order to dispose of garbage as she met her fate to a surprising and sudden bone like structure that lashed its self into her spine and ripped out through her stomach while she took her first few steps out. As the poor woman looked down, it became apparent that the bone like structure which had torn through her stomach was actually a spider appendage. The thick black spider like with a glossy red tint slowly receded from the girl’s body as she died from shock before she could even manage to bleed to death. Hanging on a single web connected to the top of the tavern, Arachnis pulled back in her spider appendage making it no longer apparent, and dropped herself down onto the stairs of which the girl had been struck down on. To make sure no one else would come through the door and catch her, Arachnis quickly pulled off the woman’s uniform and put it on herself. A small apron covered the bloody hole in the shirt that was created by her spider appendage and she disposed of the girl’s body by devouring it whole. Arachnis’s jaws seemed to extend to an abnormal length as she gargled down the girl’s body. This act was truly horrific and made it surprising that she was even human, but Arachnis is indeed a human but just a very sick one. She opened the door of the tavern and unraveled her hair, allowing it to flow freely down her back and shoulders. Her eyes were a bright crimson red and her smile was as beautiful as all of the other woman who worked within the tavern, making it easy for Arachnis to blend in. She quickly took sight of her target who sat at the golden engraved bar table, and made her way over to him with a mysterious pouch of black bead like items. She casually walked up to him with her maid hat on, able to do so thankfully to the fact that her guild remains secretive so not many people have actually seen her before and are therefore unable to recognize her.

Alphonse’s face seemed unpleased as he gulped down another shot of rum which seemed to not be potent enough for him. “What type of rum is this? Only 45%!” The man’s face turned red as he slammed the shot glass onto the table, causing all of the servers to become frightened as they jumped back from the noise. “I need 75-80%!” He growled at the servers, displeased with what they had given him. “Ah, I see. You like you drinks strong huh?” She looked at the man for a second, not waiting for his answer to continue. “Well, I have the perfect thing for you. It’s 79% Rum with tapioca pearls to enhance the flavor.” It was surprising that her blood lust had not given her away as she wore a smile on her face but behind that smile was a dark and sinister grin. Despite this, Alphonse’s face lit up with joy as he shook his head with excitement. “Now this is service!” He leaned back, ready to taste this odd drink that this unknown woman was getting ready to serve him.

Arachnis swiftly entered the kitchen and took the tapioca pearls out of the pouch that she had with her, already aware of the man’s habit of enjoying strong liquors after reading a quick profile on him. Inside of each tapioca pearl, she had inserted nearly a dozen spider eggs of which she controlled like her pets. There was about 14 tapioca pearls in the mug that she prepared, meaning that he was about to swallow over 100 spiders which lay nearly 34 eggs each and do it quickly as well. If the man actually drank the tapioca pearls, then by night he would have nearly 600 spiders crawling with in his body and devouring him from the inside out. Unfortunately, this man was an S-Class rank and his magic type was still unknown, but what she was certain of was that this alone could not take him down. The spiders she uses actually drain the magic energy from its host, this way when she’s ready to kill this man, his magic will become extremely nerfed and the devoured organs will weaken his physical abilities as well. All that would be left was to hope that he did not have a trump card behind his back.

As Arachnis delivered the mug full of 79% rum and tapioca pearls, the man surveyed it with an uncertain expression on his face. “Are you sure… You’re not trying to poison me ma’am?” The man asked with a very serious tone and look. “I…-” before she could finish her sentence, the man busted out laughing in his chair. Arachnis had forgotten how extremely drunk the man already was and sighed, annoyed with his behavior. “I’m just kiddin with ya!” He blushed a bit before gulping down the mug, the effect of the rum taking place instantly. He could feel the burn of the 79% running down his throat and he nearly fell out of his chair as the tapioca pearls did what she said they would and enhanced its flavor as it went down. The man quickly became drunk and within the next hour, he was completely out, causing the workers to have to drag him upstairs to his bed.

Alphonse snored fore hours in his tight and snuggly bed, suddenly begging to feel a burning pain in his body. He was unable to pinpoint it due to the fact that nearly all of them were burning. “That Rum must have been stronger than I thought…” He soon began to hear the noise of squishing and chewing as he came to the realization that he was being eaten alive. “What the living hell!” he jumped out of his bed, noticing a spider peeking its head out of a hole that it barrowed through his side and he began to scream in pain as he quickly went into action. He began to move his fingers in an odd fashion as tendrils seemingly made from shadows began to barrow themselves into his body in order to try and shovel out the pest inside of him, but there was simply too many. In the window, he could clearly see the silhouette of a woman with hair flowing down below her. She was hanging upside down on a web and her features were unapparent as the moonlight shined in through the window. The man snorted as he began making a large fist which seemed to be made out of shadows as well, slamming it into the glass window and shattering it, pushing whoever was behind it away. The fist suddenly opened to grasp the woman as she seemed un-respondent to the man’s attack. As he pulled the shadow hand in closer, he realized that it was a naked body of a brown haired female woman, more specifically the one that Arachnis killed earlier. Arachnis had thrown back up the woman and hanged her dead body from a spider web upside down from Alphonse’s window. The pain in his stomach became even worse as he no longer had the energy to support the shadow fist, causing it to crumble away like ash. All the man could do was create puppet strings out of shadows in order to hoist his own body up since he was unable to on his own due to the creatures eating him from the inside out. Using his fingers he directed his body towards the door, trying to get help from one of the maids. Once he opened the door, one of the women screamed in horror as spiders began to burst out of Alphonse’s back. He no longer had the energy to even support the shadow wires either now as he fell to the ground, reaching his arm up towards the woman who was now running away in horror. Before anyone could get to Alphonse, the spiders had already consumed his entire body leaving nothing but bones, along with the first female’s body, making them unrecognizable.

“I love it when they squirm moments before dying…” Arachnis licked her lips as she began walking away from the tavern, back into her original outfit. “It’s a shame that those spiders got to have all the fun while I had to sit back and watch them eat… I was really hungry too…” Her tone was extremely playful which could easily spark a question of her mental stability if anyone managed to hear her speak. “Well, it was still much easier than doing it head on at least…Maybe I can use this method as a new form of torture for any more enemies I may meet…” She whispered these things to herself as she vanished into the night, the all who worked at the tavern completely confused as to what had happened. 

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