E Class Training

(Oliver Oxford/Rezz Kain)

GhostofSenyx: -teping onto the arena floor Rezz walks towards the center of the ring, the soft dirt ground kicking up small puffs of dust with each step. his scarf flowed in the breeze around him and the shadow on his right arm flowed as it usually did, the sun was hanging low in the sky casting long exagerated shadows on the ground and covered about haf the arena floor and seats in shadows. Once he had reached the center of the battlefield he stood and waited while he gathered his powers for his opponent to come out so that their spar could begin.-

GhostofSenyx: (bleh, that sucked)


GhostofSenyx: (??)

Andikins: {OO} Oliver Oxford was resting, actually napping as noted by the comical cartoon style bubble from his nose with his snoring. Seems no one wanted to use the guild's shop facility yet, or take him out on any other adventures. The ash brown haired lad was bored out of his mind that he was dreaming about work. So when he was awoken with a summons to get into a training fight with someone named Rezz and get some practice with Bulwark, Oliver eagerly grabbed his cane and got changed, wearing some basic cloth pants and sandals, as well as a shirt with a jacket over it and an enchanted scarf that seemed to change with whatever form he was using, wrapped around his neck and head to be like a mask and a hat. His hazel eyes deadlocked on the arena as he ran out with gusto, so much that he was nearly winded when he got there, huffing and puffing, "Hey--oh jeez--just, just a second, I need-I need a breather." He supported his weight on his cane, taking a few deep breaths then taking up position on the opposite side of the arena to the guy, "Ready when you are!" {OO}

KanedaSoturi: (That's actually a good idea. I'll put Oliver in charge of shop acquisitions.)

GhostofSenyx: -Rezz tilted his head slightly with a quizical look on his face as the other wizard ran up to his position, odd that he was already winded the way he was. Most likely an overexageration to throw him off before the bout started, clever but not a very original stategy. Rezz didnt let the possible ruse throw him off so as his opponent was catching his breath he readied himself and already began prepairing his attack. Shadows began to crawl over his arms and center themselves over his clenched fists and pulsate in rythm with his breathing . Thats when he heard it "ready when you are" once those words left his opponents mouth Rezz was charging in in a flash kicking up more dust and dirt with every step. Just outside of arms reach Rezz spoke the name of his spell and attacked "Shadow gad arms" as he spoke Rezz punched out with both hands aiming one high at his opponents head and the other low at his abdomen, striking with both arms would make the concussive force of his spell have more of an impact even if hs attack was blocked or dodged throwing his opponent off ballance at the very least for Rezz to continue with a follow up attack-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, now that he was done being winded, looked up at the guy trying to kick up dirt and dust, "Uhh huuuuuh." When the shadowy fists blasted through the dust, Oliver had to react fast, "Oh shi-!" His cane flashed and his outfit changed with him. His outfit shifted into leather mesh with movable plate on the fronts of the legs and over the feet, a set of suspenders that went up to his now sleeveless cloth top with chained mail over it and a thick gauntlet on his left hand while a shoulder length gauntlet was on his right arm. His scarf changed to that eye cover that a knight's helmet would normally have but this one covered his entire face, the cloth of the scarf still covering his head and down past his neck a little bit. The biggest, quite literally in this case, change was a massive shield that was taller than Oliver and wider than he was, but still granted a little sense of what was going on in front of the shield as per magic standards. The cane had become the handle and a part of the cane's hooked sharp end pointed out of the shield and was designed with a couple of boars, porcupine, snapping turtles and prancing lions. The shield was thick and had a distinct angle at the middle which provided some protection on either side of the angle. The shield caught the brunt of the shadow punches, sliding him backwards and the shield scraping the ground with it. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: (exactly how big is the sheild again? saw a bit of it last night but want to make sure)

Andikins: ((six feet high))

GhostofSenyx: (width?)

Andikins: ((let's say 3 feet...2.5 feet))

GhostofSenyx: (ok thanks)

Andikins: ((It's biiiiiig))

GhostofSenyx: (and heavy ill bet)

Andikins: ((oh yea

GhostofSenyx: -that sheild came out of nowhere, instead of Rezz punching out his opponent his hands impacted on the sheild instead. Although it was massive the concussive blasts from his spell still was able to push it back a little but not enough to do much else, if this sheild was going to be taking the brunt of Rezz's attacks things will get real annoying real quick. He had to find a way to make the sheild more of a hinderance than a useful tool. There was almost a wicked playfullness in Rezz's eyes as he made his next move "Arms" more shadow energy coursed around Rezz hands but instead of the spell working as it did last time this time a long shaft of shadow formed between his hands as the shadows took the form of a large scythe. Taking a half step back to get the proper distance Rezz spun around and extended his arm with the scythe in hand to strike around the sheild, letting the shaft od the scythe impact against the sheild hile the blade went behind the sheild to cut accross the chest of the wizard who weilded it.-

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, While used to a little roughing up in a fight, was slightly appalled by the dangerous tactics employed by Rezz, "A frickin' scythe?! Come on!" Oliver hefted himself up and over the shield, tilting it onto a single corner, kicking his heel on the end of it to spin the face of the shield around and catch the scythe, landing behind his shield as he was getting accustomed to moving around the shield and keeping it close with minimal movement. When he landed he braced himself for the scythe, lifting the shield up and focusing as a magical barrier showed up, catching and absorbing the force of the scythe, "Huh...didn't know it could do that." Oliver, if he could see what was going on, was that the shield had actually absorbed part of the attack and was storing it to be shot outwards, "I shall call you Tortoise." As if speaking to the shield, or moreso the memory of his great great grandfather who developed Bulwark. He shot the shadow back out into the distance, not at Rezz, because the fuse time on countering with this was short but it could counter with nearly twice the force in a blunt blast. {OO}

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GhostofSenyx: -for sucha massive sheild he moved with it fairly easily, Rezz could hear his complaints of his tactics from over the clang of scythe on sheild and called out as his shadowy weapon was partially absorbed into the sheild and dismissing it completely. "Oh relax, if it had hit you it wouldve just scratched along that armor of yours. This is just a spar after all, I'm just making it interesting" Rezz watched as the sheild fired off a force blast of the attack it absorbed, wondering why his opponent didnt try aiming it at Rezz himself instead of firing off into the distance, even if it was consistent of the shadow magic he used in the attack it still wouldve given him an opening to follow up with a more effective attack. "Hehe, shadow god puppet" Rezz spoke softly as he invoked his next spell, since his opponents attention seemed more on his sheild at this moment Rezz took the oppertunity to take his shadow and use it against him. Silently rising up from the ground was an exact copy of Rezz just a few feet behind of Oliver, Rezz took to making himself a distraction by comming at Oliver again and throwing a few punches and kicks at his sheild to keep his attention on him. at that same time the shadow puppet behind him made its move as Rezz had given the mental order, crouching the shadow puppet attempted to grab Oliver around the waist from behind and lift him up over his head in a suplex type move and droping him down on the back of his head. If the puppets sneak attack worked t would more than likely send oliver into a daze and trap him under his own sheild with the puppet still holding on should it not be forced to dissapear either-

Andikins: ((wait wait o3o you can contro my shadow at will?))

GhostofSenyx: (not control it persay but turn steal it and turn it into a copy of me, it cant use magic aside from merging with other shadows. if thats a problem i couldve just taken your sheilds shadow instead)

KanedaSoturi: (There's a folk legend that says if you harm a man's shadow, you can harm his soul.)

Andikins: ((kan? ruling on that?))

GhostofSenyx: (gonna go for a smoke while you work on your post)

KanedaSoturi: (as long as there's a post limit to the ability.)

Andikins: ((well now we gotta wait for him to get back o3o

GhostofSenyx: (back)

GhostofSenyx: (i can make 10 max but the more i make each one gets weaker and need a shadow for each puppet, its all in my bio)

Andikins: ((okay typing))

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, getting hefted up, hooked his foot into the handle of the shield, either getting pulled up and over by the puppet or staying put because of the added three hundred pound weight. "Noooooo nonononononono, cut it with the shenannigans!" He got pulled up and over for the suplex, hoisting the shield up into the air with him just a little bit, sending it to the ground first as he grabbed the handle before the suplex was finished, driving the top of the shield into the ground. "Hedgehog!" A radial jut of sharp blade-like barriers went outwards in all directions, seeking to slice the shadow away while Oliver was holding strong onto the shield. {OO}

GhostofSenyx: (so did you fall back from the suplex or did you manage to stay up?)

Andikins: ((i went with it but used it to move my shield))

Andikins: ((head didn't hit the ground, shield did))

GhostofSenyx: (what about the rest of you? are you up or down?)

Andikins: ((upside down holding onto the shield XD))

Andikins: ((btw we need to finish this tonight o3o))

Andikins: ((considering this is to get a new spell))

Andikins: ((kan you keeping track of this?))

GhostofSenyx: (alright, last question are you now between me and the sheild or is the sheild still between us?)

GhostofSenyx: (ill save the log)

Andikins: ((i am between you and the shield))

GhostofSenyx: (ok typing)

GhostofSenyx: -his trick worked but not fully as expected, Oliver was able to keep himself from getting his head smacked off the ground and used another of his sheilds powers to destroy the shadow puppet which popped like a water balloon and his shadow was returned to him resuming its natural position. that move also got Rezz a bit, the sharp blades cut up his arms a little but didnt do so much damage as he was able to back away just intime from being seriously hurt. "Well thats annoying, but its over now. Arms" blood driped from his arms through his tattered sleeves but he still managed to conjure up another shadow scythe, only this time it had no edge to it and used it to try and hook Olivers legs and pull them out from under him, whether he triped him and made oliver go down Rezz would continue the motion of spining the scythe around and come down on Olivers chest but stoping at least a foot away from stabing him. Rezz would hold the Scythe over him like that until Oliver saw it and either tried to defend himself and get away or surrender the fight "You wanna keep going, or do you yeild?"-

Andikins: ((typing))

Andikins: {OO} Oliver, holding his hands up like he was surrendering, "Take it easy man, I'm just an E-rank still. Kinda hostile ta point that at me huh mate? I don't even got a main lad in the guild yet." Well that was kind of the truth, that and Oliver was ust getting used to the Bulwark's style, it was much lighter than last time, as last time he used it it was much larger and over four hundred pounds. Oliver's Great-great-grandpa was quite a giant man. "I give up okay? Now just put the pointy shadow away." {OO}

KanedaSoturi: (updating EXP. Oliver is now at 70, for 2 trainings, an E Class job and an A Class co-op. Rezz is currently at 5.)

KanedaSoturi: you'll want to write those numbers down, I will very likely forget them by morning)

GhostofSenyx: -the blade of the scythe dissolved leaving just the pole arm in Rezz's hands and he lowered it to offer as an aid for Oliver to get up with easier. "Sorry about that, guess i got a little carried away. I'm actually E class myself but I'm used to having to fight alot so i tend to be a bit more forcefull than i should."