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• 1/11/2016

E Class

Job Location:  Port Solaris

Job Description:  Steal a 400 pound pearl with a hight and width of 5, being carried by a cargo ship heading to cash out collected pearls. This particular pearl is abnormaly large and came from a giant oyster, it's current color being magenta. (Return to Havoc Guild Hidehout)

Job Reward:  800k Jewel, EXP

Job Status:  Vacant

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• 1/11/2016

E-class Job Location:  Hellanos Town 

Job Description:  Find a wizard name Aleister Crowley he has information to share. Though you need to fight him or persuade him to join the Syndicate side. (Bonus) Fight and Defeat him.  

Job Reward:  800k Jewel, EXP (Bonus): 350k, EXP  

Job Status: 'Taken by' Ryuga (Peecavit)

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