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• 1/1/2016

Stratus Blade-Broken Blade

Roleplay board for Stratus Blade and the nearby city.
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• 1/5/2016

Avalon D'Fae took a deep breath and smoothed her hands down the soft cloth of her britches hoping that she didn't look too unprofessional for this job. She had dressed in her more subtle outfit of black trousers tucked into her boots(which had lovely silver inlays on the toes and heels), a dark violet top with belled sleeves, and a leather half corset wrapped around her waist. She was, after all, representing her guild Demon Howel for this mission. It was A-Class thus it was most likely going to be dangerous in one way or another, and as it was a security job it most likely was going to be dangerous. She turned slightly as she heared footsteps approaching the building where she stood waiting next to the enterence, the group of wizards coming towards her were all there for a summit meeting, thankfully she wasn't much in on politics so she was actually glad she'd be stationed in the hall outside of the meeting room and wouldn't be tempted to doze off due to boredom.

She gave a polite small bow to the summit members as they passed her a few actual military styled guards walking with them. The last and most decorated of them stopped next to her, "You're the wizard from the Demon Howel guild?" she gave a slight nod, "You look rather young to be doing this by yourself miss." the guard himself already had stripes of gray in his brown beard and hair, she smiled at him warmly.

"I'm afraid my appearence usually gets that reaction, I'm actually older than I look sir. And I promise I'm more than capible of taking care of the protection of the summit members. I also set up precautions yesterday to get all the summit members out of harms way should any problems arise, I won’t speak of them now as we could be overheard." he nodded sharply and motioned for her to proceed him into the building which she did. Once in she took three steps to the spot she had decided on earlier, she turned and watched as the head guard locked three locks down the length of the door then lower a bar over the door. She waited for him to move away from the door and then lifted her hands in front of her ten small walnut sized crystal balls appeared floating with small versions of her magic cirlces, "Crystal sheilds." with a pushing motion of her hands the crystals shot off in all directions including behind her. There were small smashing sounds as they hit doors and windows shattering themselves before they started to grow and spread creating perfect clear sheets of crystal that covered the entire openings leaving no crack around them.

Her hands moved again and once more ten crystals appeared, medium sized this time, "Crystal viewer." with a snap of her fingers the outside of the building was shown much as cameras would work for security so did her crystals, she had even placed a spare crystal on the top of the building so no one would get the drop on them, "Alright, I have servalience in place, you may start the meeting I will raise the alarm should there be an attack." she smiled at the rather startled looking guard who blinked and shook himself before nodding and heading in to the meeting room the door closing and locking behind him. She turned her attention to the orbs her rainbow colored eyes moving from orb to orb watching passerbys for any sign of anyone who was taking extra interest in the building.

It was a good while to wait before she spotted something, a girl who took too long looking at the building and then a small smirk played on the girls lip as she turned and waved to someone who was blocked by other people passing by. Avalon smiled slightly to herself, “And here we go....” her hands moved slowly spreading out and the orbs in front of her started moving together to create a bigger picture then zooming in on the girl. The girl looked young, long dark hair was piled loosely on top of her head and red eyes held an almost malicious glint as black lips tilted up slowly in a rather malicious looking grin.

“Ooooh crap!” the girls hand was waving and a word was starting to appear accross the crystal windows, a sharp gesture of one of her hands had one small crystal shooting to hover next to her face, “Take cover!” the words echoed through the entire building as if on a loud speaker thanks to the amplication of the crystal. She brought her hands together in a clap, “Crystal Shell!” already the crystal on the windows was spreading as more crystals pelted into them to spread the coating over the entire building. The word ‘Kaboom!!’ had appeared accross the building, and within seconds a real ‘kaboom’ happened as it exploded with the force of what normal people would call a bomb.

The building shook as a deafeaning boom blasted through the building followed by the sound of shattering crystal. She flew backwards landing with a thud against the wall smoke raising from her hands where one larger crystal floated its surface covered in a spiderweb of crack, “Crap crap crap, Capitan get the summit members to safety, there is a ring of flowers under the main table that I sat up yesterday, each member should step on it and say ‘safety’ it will land you all someplace safe from here.” She got back a muffled reply and maybe from here on out people in her guild wouldn’t tease her for coming to security jobs a day early!

She cast her eyes back to the wall in front of her, the wall that had been hit with the bomb spell. She could hear crystal still cracking and falling to shatter on the cobblestones below and shuddered, it had been a strong blast if the slight burns on her hands had any indication. She listened her viewer spell still up and running although more concentrated on the front of the building.

“Well damn, some goodie ass cast a protection sheild over it, we’ll have to hit it again to open it up and get to the old geezers inside.” It was a female voice, young, it had to be the solid script mage, “Ringo you give it a slam would you?” there was a grinding sound and then the building rocked again with another deafing boom, “What the hell is that made of? It’s cracked all to crap why is it not breaking?” Avalon smirked shoving herself off of the wall as she took a ready stance.

“Because it’s made of diamond you idiots.... now... come and get me!” she shoulted out the words her hands lifting as around her crystals started forming within the air until they glittered around her like a thousand small bubbles reflecting the flickering lights like so much fairy dust. There was another loud boom and the wall in front of her gave way crumbling under what looked to be stone and fire. There in front of her stood three people, the small female, a large hard looking man who was as bald as an old man with eyes that seemed to have no color except for black who sported dusty desert styled clothing. Then there was a tall slim male who wore a damino mask and at appeared to be a fine suit, beside him stood another man, no not a man, a tall goat faced being who held what looked to be a huge club or sword shaped object. She took a deep breath, “Ooooh lovely.... I hope the healer is at the guild.”

The girl grinned, “Oh look, it’s a little flower haired child to deal with us! Isn’t it funny!?” then she let out a shrieking peal of laughter.

“Don’t call me a child!” she actually stamped her booted foot at them, “I’m Avalon D’Fae of Demon Howl, and I’m here to take any dark mages to the Rune Knights!” she shifted her hands three crystals moving forward to shimmer and reshape, “I hope you’re ready for the fight of your lives!” she grinned herself almost happily her head tilting as her crystals reshaped, there was a large cat, a person shape, and the last shaped itself into what looked to be a werewolf. She turned one hand palm up and another crystal shaped itself into a clear sword wich she grasped and let fall in a relaxed way to her side.

The larger man stepped forward dropping quickly to one knee as his fist slammed the ground, the floor rolled and buckled before stone pillars shot her way from it. She lifted her own sword, “Crystal Spike!” another rumble and from the ground shot spikes of crystal to intercept the stone which shattered as the crystal smashed into it causing the larger man to blink at her, “Diamond is harder than stone you dummy.” She grinned at him and flicked the sword again as the goatman charged foward with a motion from the suited man the crystal werewolf streaked forward to meet it with a shrieking snarl.

She watched as the stone mage, Ringo, stepped forward stomping a foot another piller of stone erupted from the remains of the first heading for her, she lept straight up her crystal sword flashing as she gripped it with both hands and swung it with her leap the piller sliced cleanly as if made of cheese. Three more crystals shot forward along with the human shaped one she had made slamming into the stunned Ringo in a lovely tackle before it melted and morphed wrapping around him as he lout a yelp of shock, “Crystal Bubble! One down two to go!” she heard a shattering sound and turned her head as her werewolf turned into so many shards on the battered floor of the room, “Fudge bunnies!” she was dancing backwards as the goatman charged her swinging his huge sword. The female dark wizard was giggling and clapping as she jumped up and down.

“Get her Capricorn!” the girl cheered the goatman on, the clang of metal against crystal rang in the room as she blocked the metal thing as the goatman pushed her backwards her boots sliding on the debre covered floor, “Slice and dice time!” Avalon jumped back as the goatman lifted his sword to attack again.

“Fairy Wing!” glittering wings exploded from her back as she jumped back again taking to the air in the hall, not that there was much room for that but it gave her the high point advantage as she lifted a hand and let crystals fly at the goatman, each one that he hit away or that hit him exploding into shards that would cut and stick within skin(or fur in his case) until he took a few steps back. Her eyes widened as the sword in his hand shifted shapes into what looked like a cannon, “Crap! Crystal shell!” the sword in her hand shifted shapes into a half dome in front of her as she was blasted the sheild shattering as she was sent flying back to hit the wall sliding down it to land on her bottom she gasped for the breath that had been knocked out of her. The goatman was already getting to fire again and all she could do was bring her arms up in front of her and withstand the blast of heated energy that ripped a scream from her. White hot pain and light dazed her for a moment and she swayed as the two humans and one being watched as she fell to one knee with a moan of pain.

She was going to have burns for a while but all would heal, it wasn’t iron after all, she lifted her head to smirk at them her personal crystal shell cracking as she did so, chunks fell off of her face like a broken mask and shatted as if made of fragile glass as it hit the floor, “Ow...that...ow....” she forced herself back to her feet and watched the goatman take a step back, “Just...ow....” and as they were staring at her her tiger attacked going for the tall man in the suit, with a screach that sounded like someone ripping metal appart it leaped falling on the man and shifting form to liquid that wrapped around him and squeezed. The goatman turned moving to help his key holder but before he could take more than two running steps he disappeared in a cloud of smoke and his master was wrapped in another bubble. Avalon grinned at the girl as more crystal fell from her body showing burned skin under neat, “That leaves me and you girly...” she grinned at the girl who was staring at her, “And I don’t think your ‘kaboom’ magic is going to help you at all!” she didn’t really know what to call solid script magic and the girl in front of her was backing away as she lifted a hand a word popping up in the air.

The word ‘kaboom’ seemed to be sucked into a crystal as several converged on it absorbed it and placed it in a bubble so that when it exploded only the crystal turned to dust as Avalon used magic wings to cover the distance drawing back a fist and planting it square in the girls face knocking her back through the ragged opening of the wall before climbing over the rubble to follow her, “ This... was my best outfit you know!” said outfit was now showing quite a bit of rips, holes, burns, and even blood where a few blisters that had been caused by the burns had ruptured, “And that stupid cannon thing really really hurt!” the girl had written another word ‘Cut’ was made of what looked to be silver blades that streaked their way towards her, her wings flitted and her body twisted about to dodge a cut opening along her right cheek as she jerked her head out of the way then her hair tumbled around her face and shoulders as one of the smaller crystals that held her ponytail up shattered from another blade, “Now darn it! Those are from home ya know!” she stamped her foot again and the leather of her boot cracked and shattered showing a boot that was rather flaking from heat under the crystal layer.

Next came the word ‘Wind’ that sent a gale of debri and glass and broken crystal agianst her, beating against her already battered body. Avalon held out a hand and several crystals converged shifting form into what appeared to be a giant mallet, “Crystal mallet!” rainbow eyes seemed to glow for a moment, the other girl had frozen staring wide eyed at the mallet that was several times Avalon’s body size and length, “I said: Cut. It. Out!” and with that she swung the mallet baseball bat style her body twisting slightly, the perfect baseball swing, then mallet connected to solid script mage with a crack thud and sent the girl flying into the nearest wall. The mallet desintagrated in Avalon’s hands as another crystal fell on the fallen and now still girl to wrap her in another bubble.

It was near this time, just before her baseball bat mallet swing, that rune knights and the head guard of teh summit came dashing around a corner to stand frozen looking at the building that had most of it’s front missing. The interior of that building looked as if a bomb had gone off, then rabid animals had decided to rip into it to make homes, then as if it had been charred and beaten with metal pokers. The three human sized bubbles now floating around with dark mages in them, crystal dust that seemed to coat everything. Then there was the lilac haired girl who stood with what looked to be parts of her body cracking and falling off, covered in burns and debri as she stamped her foot again and went on a nice long rant about idiot dark mages ruining perfectly respectable outfits and giving people painful ass burns because of idiotic whims that they should get to choose how other people think about the world.

It took a good twenty minutes to calm the fae mage down long enough to let the Rune Knights take the prisoners away and collect her pay, the head gurad gave her a worried look, “Miss are you sure you wouldn’t like to go to the hospital, those burns look pretty bad... and... your bleeding all over the place.” She shook her head slightly, she had removed the rest of her crystal shell and she did look fairly rough, yet she still smiled at him.

“No, I’ll be alright, did all the summit members make it safely through the ring?” he nodded.

“I’ve never seen transportation magic like that, but it worked, we all came out in the middle of the Rune Knight barracks here in town.” She shrugged a shoulder then winced.

“It’s an old magic. The circle should be gone by morning, I made it to be temporary. I’m going to head to my hotel and clean up before heading home. I just hope Cerise isn’t too busy or off on a mission, I need a good healing session.” She shook the guards hand and headed toward the hotel she had rented a room at shaking her head, “Oi... what a day.... and I don’t think the Guld Misstress is going to be happy with me.... I killed a building... I hope they make the other guild pay for it....”

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