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Aren Vs Onryx's Gorian Problem

"I can't beleive this, It's been over 4 years since I went back home to Elych and here I am going back to save it as an offical guild wizard... I onder how that would make my dad feel." A blonde haired boy said as the coach he rode on slipped through Onryx on the north side of town. He was sort of reluctant to look out the cart's window, but poped his head up anyway, the town was just as busy as ever. "Miss Lauder has her bread bakery open today, Mister Odehn is working on some tractor around the  back of his workshop, you can see the smoke..." Aren spoke to himself, then ducked back down hoping not to be noticed by a girl, who spotted the coach he was riding in, and caught a quick glimpse of him. It was his sister, Tilly. she was three years younger than Aren, "So mom and dad still live around here..." where he used to live was 3 miles from Onryx, a small farm ranch that raised animals for the local food stores and such.

The ride he was on stopped, right on the eastern gate out of Onryx. "Far as I take ya'ere boy, there be a gorian in that forest," said the driver as Aren hopped out. "Yeah yeah, I came here to get rid of it, or at least make it relocate or something." he said stretching himself and yawning. that was a long ride. "boo!" Aren got startled after something jumoed out behind him and screamed forward at him, he clung to the horse coach he rode on like a scared cat, his blonde hair standing up straight on his head. he turned it to see what that was, it was Tilly, and she was laughing. 

"Tilly! what the heck are you doing, go home to ma!" he said angrily, with a annoyance mark on his forehead. the girl shook her head. "your in big trouble Aren, you ran away from home, everyone was worried sick about you, even pa. I thought i saw you in this buggy, and i was right! just wait til i tell them your alright... but part of runing away is ya never come back, why'd ya come back?" she asked. Aren looked away and scratched his head, "I'm in a wizard guild now, i got a job and a couple music fans, i'm alright. I came back to get rid of that gorian everyone's got problems with, what's it been doing anyway?" 

the girl pointed to the forest, a few of the trees swayed back and forth. there was no wind. then an aweful, howling, somewhat screeching sound was heard, and half the town of onryx moaned and yelled, "Not again!!" Aren scrunched his face. "what's makin it make that aweful noise?" tilly shrugged, "I don't know, and i dont wanna know, those things are mean." she said, "Yuh aren't really goin up there are yah big bro?" Aren smirked. "I have to, you stay here where it's safe, and don't tell Billy and Kyle where i'm at, throwing comic books and tire irons at it won't help any. the girl nodded, "Don't worry aren, i know you can do this, just like uncle could." aren looked away and blushed, he was hapy to see his sister again, but it was time to get down to business, that beast was causing trouble for his hometown, it was time to stop it.

a few hours inside the mountainside forest, aren felt the hunger pains edge on, as the shadows of the trees began to grow as the sun fell. glad he packed a lunch, he opened the bag and pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one of his most favorate things, specially if the jelly was strawberry. It wasn't long before the viberations on the ground caused by the beast he was trying to find got louder and louder, he smelled the food. "Food...Food...." it was panting it most have traveled a long way. 

Aren looked up at the green furry beast, it's mouth was watering from the smell. Aren sighed, and tossed his sandwich over to the beast, and it ate it all in one bite. "More?" It asked while sniffing around. "I got an orange and a banana in this bag too, but first answer me something, why are you yelling and screeching so loud that your hurting people's ears and causing buildings to fall over in town?" Aren asked, as he pulled out the orange first. 

"Me look for womannnn! It mating season!!!" Aren smiled and shook his head, and tossed the orange, it ate that in one gulp too. "There aren't a lot of female Gorians in this area you know, you should try further up the mountain..." the beast flaired it's nostrils and stared at the banana that Aren took out of the bag next.

"Gorian lady ugly, gorian want real womann!" Aren blinked, and tossed the banana, but the gorian didn't eat it. it fell to the ground and the beast smashed it, it's foot echoing across the forest, making a few birds leave their perch in the trees. "I hate banana!" Aren gulped. "Alright, sorry, keep calm big guy I didn't know." aren pulled his guitar from his back, and sat on a tree stump close to the beast, and started playing a soft, soothing melody. 

that was when the beast had a "smart" idea of picking Aren up and well... it started jumping up and down with him in his hands, "you play for woman, get woman to like me!" It didnt put Aren down, instead it started running toward town with aren on it's back, "Hey whoa big guy slow down, HEY! STOOOP!" the beast screeched to a halt at the sound of Aren yelling, and looked up. "sorry pal, but your better off with the females of your own kind, i mean, you'll scare all the ladies away if they're human..." aren said as he jumped off the thing's back, but his words didn't sit well with the half witted beast.

"then i make them like me!" Aren sighed as the beast started making his way toward Onryx again. Aren started playing the snake charmer song on his guitar, which came out in the form of sheet music from his guitar, stringing across to wrap it's self around the beasts leg. ince it did the end of it turned into a snake head, and hissed at the beast, it started screaming, "ahhh snake snake, i crush snake!" and started pounding the snake and trying to get it's self untangled. the more the beast thrashed around the harder it was to keep playing the notes the right way to the song to keep the snake alive. Aren opened his eyes, they were slit, just like the snakes, as he flung his head upward, the snake's body that was tangled by the beast, flung it's own self upward, and flung the beast back toward the forest with it. Aren turned to face the forest as the beast poped it's self back out of the trees with a red, really angry face. 

"I warned you man, now i'm going to tell you, stay away from town and go back to your home further into the forest." Aren said with a calm face, his eyes no longer slanted since he stopped playing that tune, although his guitar strings still viberated and made sound. "grr... ME WANT WOMAN!" the beast began to charge toward Aren. "well let me play you a medley instead." he said, as he raised the pick to his guitar up and swiftly brought it back down, "siren screech!" the strings sceeched and screamed in a high pitch, and the beast started viberating along with the sounds he was hearing, then covered his ears as the sound decipated, "Owwwie! I kill you..." it said, but it couldn;t get over the intense headache that move gave him, nor could he hear at all right now. that was a good thing. 

Half the town was now watching, including Aren's parents, and his three younger siblings, plus his older brother Kyle. the town looked on, even as Aren turned around and saw them, when he saw his father looking Aren looked down in shame and dropped his hands to his side. tilly blinked, and looked over to Aren's father, then to Aren, and jabbed their dad in the ribs, "Do your job aren, you can do it, get him out of here!"

by that time the beasts heaing had come back. "hmm?" it noticed the town people watching while aren had his back to him. It's eyes turned to hearts as it gazed upon Tilly who was cheering Aren on. Aren turned around a little too late as the beast punted him out of the way and headed for his sister. He spit grass out and looked toward them, "Tilly get out of there!" but it was too late, that beast caught tilly, and started dancing around with her in it's hands, "woman! woman!" Aren clenched his fist. he'd be damned if that thing touched one little hair on his sister's head, and apparently, his father thought the same thing. 

"It's been years since I used this but, I might as well try. looks like you need some help with this one." his father's holder type item was a pitch fork, and although not very supportive, it did allow a lot of damage to the enemy, and that was what Aren lacked. "three pronged strike!" It was a simple skill for his dad, the pitch fork grew larger, and it was aimed straight at the beasts's behind. Aren nodded, and waited for the attack to take effect, with his hand on the guitar ready to play the snake charmer song once more, as he played it the sheet music snake got longer and longer, just as the giant pitchfork his father conjoured hit it's target, and the beasts's eyes began to water. 

"YYYEEEEEEOOUCH!" the gorian blasted into the air holding it's sore rear end, and dropping Tilly. Aren's musical snake reached out and caught her, then drew her back in like a yoyo toward him and set her on the ground, as the last cord vibrated off the guitar, the monkey-like beast smashed into the ground head first, sore butt, swirly eyed, seeing stars. 

the people rejoiced, it was over, a family of Elych farmers who were also skilled magicians had saved their town, and their women, from some perverted green beast. they relocated the passed out Gorian to a seperate end of the forest, way above the mountain line. when it came time for Aren to go back, It was time to bid his family a farewell.

"tilly told us everything," his father spoke. "I never told you this, but i am proud of you, you know. you set out to do what makes you happy, and it's all i ever want for my children." Aren sighed, and smiled, it kind of made him happy inside to know that his family was alright, and that they knew he was alright, but he had to return back to Demon Howl to finish the mission. "I will write to you guys, i promise. you should come visit me in Isran sometimes too."

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