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• 12/28/2015

S Class

Job Location:  Hellanos Town

Job Description:  Defeat a group of Wizards who have come into possession of a powerful magic artifact.

Job Reward:  1m Jewel, 3x Power lacrima, EXP.

Job Status:  Open

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• 1/20/2016

Job Location:  Elych

Job Description: Rumor has it that there is a group of dark cultivist working as underlings for the Syndicates in Elych in a temple. They are looking to break a spell that has sealed a demon that seek only destruction. You are to stop them before they could revive this demon. There's no telling how many of these cultivist are there but I assist you bring a team. HURRY!

Job Reward: 1 Million Jewels, 60EXP, Mysterious Red Crystal (Bonus: If the demon is revive, find a way to seal it back and destroy the temple)

Job Status: Vacant

• 1/20/2016

Job Location: Written in his Blood

Job Description: There were a group of people that kidnapped a wizard name Willaim Miles. Apparently, he was taken after finishing his mission for me. Last I check he was taken west which is going towards Aconite Town. What they plan to do? I do not know but it may not be good for him. Rescue that poor boy. (Group of wizards consist of: 20 E ranks, 5 C Ranks, 2 A Ranks, and 3 S class wizards)

Job Reward: 950 jewel(s) (each wizard that help) 60EXP (Bonus 60EXP: Defeat the Leader)

Job Status: Vacant

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