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• 12/28/2015

C Class

Job Location:  Metarch

Job Description:  Provide security for a Traders' Guild meeting targeted by Harpy Wing.

Job Reward:  100k Jewel, EXP

Job Status:  Open

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• 3/8/2016

Job Location:  GallowsTown 

Job Description:  This unknown tower stands untouched and unappropriated as it appears in the center of town
at large. Any who venture there never seem too return. Although mysteriously, letters still get sent home too loved ones as if they've found some new meaning in life. Your client's daughter has left for thisTower after being curious, and fell victim too this very situation. Her parents are incredibly worried about her, and have received disturbing letters in which it seems as if she's praising the sun. They want you too go there, and bring her home. Realizing the risks, they'll pay heftily for her safe return too Crystal City.   

'Enemies: 'Weak: Initiates of the Sun x10 (These new comers too the Order of the Sun haven't truly mastered their magic yet. A lot of them are very young and may be easily intimidated. Some are extremely bold and brazen though, and will not be dissuaded easily. They can make their fists and feet glow with sunlight too strike at their opponents, but that's about it.They may flee if you display a level of magic that's way beyond them, likely deciding too leave the Order of the Sun all together if convinced.)    

Normal: Apprentice of the Sun x5 (These young wizards are students of the Sun-Make school of the tower, and show great potential and skill already. They can augment their physical attacks, and fight with potent martial skill. They will augment their hands, arms, legs, and body with Sun-Make magic too strike you. They will also fire bolts of sunlight, that quickly emerge from their hands and smash through objects, these deal C-Ranked damage, as they are not skilled enough for the homing streams of sunlight yet.They may flee if you display magic above A-Rank.)   

Strong: The Sun Mages x2 (These two wizards are draped in desert like attire, of gold and silver wrappings. Their Sun-Make magic is incredible. It allows them too fly at high speeds, and strike with hand-to-hand combat with amazing levels of martial arts skill.The sunlight that surrounds their body results in unpleasant burns if struck. They can also fire streams of sunlight that fan into the air and then home in on you. If hit, they deal B-Ranked damage. They are incredible gymnasts and will show as much when dodging, even while flying. Though they will not fly at all times.Their attacks pierce through all darkness oriented abilities with ease.)    

Boss: Archmage of the Sun (This guy is draped in insane robes, with a golden crown on top of his head, glittering constantly. He levitates around, swooping through the area and releasing incredibly powerful blasts of white hot sunlight from his hands and body. He is excellent at countering magical effects, and if he rolls a block then NO effect of your magic will get through. He is somewhat vulnerable too physical attacks, if you can get him out of the air and down too your level...and then make it past his insane Sun Magic. His palm blasts of sunlight travel at high speeds, and will home in on you. You must dodge them at the last second too evade, any failed block results in B-Ranked damage, and a very uncomfortable and painful burn on the spot. His Sun-Make magic pierces through all darkness oriented abilities without hesitation.He unleashes streams of sunlight that soar through the area and slam through nearly anything in their path. These deal A-Ranked damage and will disorient you for a few posts after being struck unless you have some form of healing magic. Any form of Healing will help you remain oriented.)  


Job Reward:  900k Jewel(each team member) 450 EXP 

Job Status: Vacant

• 4/8/2016

Job Location: Port Solaris

Description:  There have been reports of people disappearing around a strange ship in the port.  A small team of wizards (no more than 3) has been requested to investigate.

Rewards:  Mysterious Tech, 200k Jewel, EXP

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