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• 12/28/2015

D Class

Job Location:  Eldren

Job Description: Minor Grendel Vault members have taken over on the outskirts of Eldren.  Subdue with nonlethal force and deliver to the Rune Knights.

Job Reward: Power lacrima x2, EXP

Job Status:  Open

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• 1/20/2016

Job Location: Asaxe Forest

Job Description: There are Ogres hidden in the forest, said to have kidnap children and taken them there to eat or who knows what. You are to defeat this Ogres, it has been said there were 4 of them. If possible save the children as well.


Ogre DeSu2 The Animation


Char ogre

Job Reward: 10,000Jewels 20EXP

Job Status: Vacant

• 1/20/2016

Job Location: Eclor

Job Description: There is a book to learn God Slayer magic in an abandon guild castle. Go there and retrieve this book for me.

Job Reward: 10 Million Jewels 20EXP

Job Status: Taken by Rezz Kain

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