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• 12/28/2015

Crystal City

Roleplay board for Crystal City, surrounding areas and any Guilds that form in the area.

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• 12/31/2015

{Regarding the mission pertaining to Oliver's Induction in to the Demon Howl guild of Isvan.  What? nothing wrong with a sudden booming voice from nowhere! It's just me, The Narrator! Yes that is my name.  Whenever you see the fancy fangy brackets around any text from now on without initials you will know that is me, The Narrator, reading to you in dulcent tones to help you feel at ease with the story.

Now then, back to what we were about to discuss, the trials and tribulations of the Accused Prince of Thieves, Oliver Oxford. A lad you can find currently dressed up in an overcoat with a thick and tall collar to hide his face in and a sleeveless top underneath it, a bandana tied over his head but letting his orange bangs out in front and some of the orange hair showing in the back.  And of course pants, anyone who goes outside not wearing pants is either a nudist or likely in a skirt, but pants are more commonplace to see on a day to day basis don't you know.

Well that's putting it a bit heavily, considering all that Oliver's claim to being a thief was his relation to a treasure hunting great-grandfather who had stumbled across a lost artifact that belonged to a Royal Asnar family who wanted it back after seeing it on display in a museum.  But enough about that, you probably want to hear more about Oliver huh?}

[OO] Oliver was making his way through the forest to the outskirts of the village of Gynarik, where t had been taken over by a group of bandits and holding the folks of Gynarik hostage. Twigs breaking underneath his stride.  He just had to survey the area, find out how many there were and then take them out with as little damage as possible, easy right? Well that's the thing, when your magic is meant mostly for combat purposes, destruction of property being kept to a minimum is easier said than done, combined with the lack of information as to how many bandits there were!

Well no time like the present as they say, huh? Oliver was just going to have to do some information gathering before he could do anything else. So going into Solid Snake mode for the time being, Oliver tried to get into the outskirts of the village while being almost comical about it in his actions.  Quickly zipping up to the wall to plant himself against it and leer around the corner to try and see if anyone was outside, which of course there weren't many people outside, most of them being held hostage in one of these buildings, likely the town howl or a tavern with an open expanse that a a mage or two could watch over all of them at once.

Oliver touched one of the buttons pinned to his jacket, each one having the silhouette of a different animal's skull and a color backdrop, these were his items for his magic and the eyes would light up if he were able to use them, but sadly had no spying spells as of yet.  So he was stuck with almost sticking out like a sore thumb while trying to ascertain the amount of folks out there. First thing to check would be the town hall, then one of the taverns, and work his way from there.  It wasn't a big village so it likely wouldn't have too much going on.

He just had to stay out of sight while he snuck around. [OO]

Meanwhile in the nearby tavern, tables were overturned and pushed up against the doorways while chairs and furniture were used to make suitable barricades. All the while a few mages of mixed genders and builds were discussing amongst themselves from across the second floor while looking down at the tied up townsfolk, "What do ya think we should do with them when we get our reward?" The burliest of the men in the bunch asked while the female counterpart to him retorted, "Who cares? If we are gonna be reputable dark mages, we should just toss them."  Though the skinny and forlorn looking male mage held up his hand, "We will turn them into a loyal meat shield while we make our escape." "Aye boss."  Both of the others replied.

Outside the tavern was another duo of men and a female who were on patrol at varying locations in the village, keeping an eye out for interlopers, like Oliver.  The group of six bandits compromised of two fire users, a lightning user, a muscle-speak mage, a card mage and one who used charm and plant magic.  Though of the last three mentioned, all were inside, leaving the fire and lightning users on the patrol for aforementioned interlopers.  One of the fire mages was so occupied with keeping an eye on the outskirts and surrounding forect that he didn't even notice the club sized branch bonking him over the head and getting knocked the hell out.

That was one of six down and he was stowed away with some spare rope from a general store that someone had borrowed.

The remaining two patrol bandits eventually caught on to their missing cohort, agreeing that he likely had gone to the bathroom. Though when the other male mage disappeared, the female lightning mage was on her way back to the tavern to inform her boss about what was going on when that afforementioned branch swung from behind a corner and cracked her across the nose, knocking the third patrolman out cold.

[OO] Oliver examined the branch that he had stumbled across earlier, now cracked in half from the three solid head bashes.  A bit of serendipity to come across a sturdy branch that he tried to climb only to have it break and fall on his head earlier.  Well at least half the job was kept to minimum damage as he tossed the branch away, "Alright, now then, town hall or tavern. His gut feeling told him that dark mages, of ill repute and poor form, would likely go to a place to raise some trouble, so the town hall was the least favorable choice.  That or he could have just looked at the windows having been boarded up on the tavern, but Oliver's thought process is his own, don't question it.

The youthful psychomancer snuck around, kicking a barrel over, lighting it on fire and kicking it toward the tavern down an incline to get it to crash into a support collumn and cause a commotion.  Hopefully enough of one to get the three remaining bandits inside to check things out, though two came outside and one stayed in the doorway, the fire ws being dealt with while Oliver snuck into the tavern from the back. Once inside, he got himself in to the hostage holding area, preparing his Jackknife spell and with a quick flourish, sliced the ropes off of some of the hostages and getting everyone to remain quiet while the recently freed ones got to untying the others, "You guys take care of each other, I'm gonna go pick a fight."

Oliver went out into the open very quietly before putting his thumb and index finger between his lips and blowing a very loud and annoying whistle for those close by to get the attention of the remaining bandits, "Yoohoo! Hey! I did a thing and ruined your plans!"  Oliver jumped up and down, waving his arms like a nutter until the muscle speak, card and plant mages all turned around to look at Oliver with confusion mixed with rage.  Oliver still had his Jackknife active in his right hand, left hand folded behind his back in a fencing pose while the muscle speak mage spped up to rush in while the card mage threw a flurry of magical elemental bomb cards.  That and the plant mage just stayed back, trying to look for the hostages who had since fled the tavern and out into the forest for safety. [OO]

{Now then, I could regale you of how Oliver feinted to the side and gave a few quick jabs of his sword tot he muscle speak mage in the key muscles that he used for his magic.  Of how he got sent flipping from the flying bomb cards from the card magician and recovered by firing off several Snapdragons to intercept the next flurry while leaping over the girl so that the Snapdragons would return tohim by flying through her.  But those were pushovers and not the most important thing to take note of.  What you SHOULD take note of is what happened next.}

The boss of the bandits, applauding Oliver, spoke to the lad, "So you took down everyone else and have me left, how fitting, though cliche.  Just who are you kid?"  He did glean from Oliver's pins and his way of carrying himself as to who he was from stories that traveled across the lands, "Are you not from that family of thieves? The ones all the way from Asnar?  You are far from h-"

The big boss was cut off by someone having leapt across the room and coldcocking him across the top of the head.

[OO] As the plant mage was sent rolling outside the tavern, Oliver rubbed his knuckles and flicked his wrist a couple of times, "Don't ever call us thieves, we are nothing but treasure hunters and merchants you bastard.  Now then, before you get up, I am gonna end this before the Rune Knights take you away."  Oliver bent his elbows and pulled his arms back, preparing himself for a few moments as a teal energy enveloped his arms and teal vapor emitted from the area around his eyes, "Stacatto!"

Rushing forth with great speed, Oliver started jabbing magical knives from nowhere into the plant mage bandit, going from one to three to five to nine, and with the last one, an uppercut and a tenth knife into the guy's gut, sent him flying as a teal mist erupted as a result from the explosion of ten glowing knives getting jabbed into him.

With the plant mage thuroughly taken care of, Oliver turned his back to the guy and found a seat to wait for the Rune Knights to escort the six bandits awway before he could return to Demon Howl and get his guild mark, "Not a bloody thief ya dullard." [OO]

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