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• 12/17/2015

S Class Trials-Phase One

Phase One trials will be an individual battle.  Your opponent will be something your magic is weak against, in a setting with a high probability of destruction.  Your objective is to defeat the enemy while causing a minimal amount of destruction to the surrounding area.  You will be scored on use of detail, knowledge of basic posting guidelines and adherence to your character.  Be sure to do your best.

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• 12/18/2015

The woods were peaceful and full of tranquility, all thought it seemed to be a little too dark for this time of day, ost likely because of the thick tree leaves blocking out the sun. The state of tranquility the forest was in quickly shattered as a man screaming through the forest tripped and fell on a tree root that stuck out of the ground. "Damn you!" He shouted as he quickly got back up on his feet and began running away as he began to near a house seemingly made out of ginger bread and candy. The mans face began to give off a skeptic feel as he quickly ran into it, hoping to escape his persuer. As the man hid under a table made from pepermint, the door to the house quietly creaked open as a wicked and emotionless boys voice echoed through the empty room. "Is it really smart to hide from someone in their own home?" The mans face quickly tightened with fear as he heard these words, the house around him slowly begining to shrivel up and fade away revealing that the entire thing was actually an illusion. Both the boy and the man stood in a clearing between the thick trees as the man tightened his fist, preparing to fight. "What's your name boy?" The man said with a hoarse and cracking voice. "My name? Why its hansel of course!" The mans eyes widened as he recalled the name belonging to a someone known as the Candy Wizard. Hansel wore a pink jacket with candy decorating the entire rim of the hood and a large candy cane on his back. His hair was dyed green and pink ad one of hs eyes were pink while the other was brown. "So, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?" He smirked as he held up his hand towards the man, summoning nearly 50 6inch long shards of candy corn as sharo as daggers. The man smirked back as he revealed HIS magic which happened to be an amazing coincidence. As Hansel shot his shards of candy corn towards the man, his mouth suddenly opened up revealing insanely sharp teeth as he began devouring each shard like he had an infinite amount of space in his stomach. "What type of magic is this!?" Hansel jumped back in surprise as the man began to buff up his body revealing his mammoth strength. "This... This is a mixture of gluttony magic and Buffing magic!" He shouted his answer out with a loud cackle as he sped towards Hansel leaving a cloud of dust behind him, punching Hansel dead in the gut causing him to fly and smack straight into a tree and shattering it and the 3 behind it. Hansel let out a loud moan as he was barely able to get back up to is feet. His thin body appearad to be far too fragile for him to be alive still however he allowed a laugh to slip out of his mouth. "Laughing in the face of death i see, how brave." The man began taking enormous steps towards hansel with a large grin. This only made hansel laugh more as he revealed the shocking truth to the man who seemed to have an insane amount of strength. "Honestly, you're already dead." Hansel clicked his head towards the man. "You just consumed 2 pints of poison, meaning that you're going to die with in the next 30 seconds. It would have been les lethal and you would have possibly survived if you had just decided that maybe it was not the best idea to eat my candy corn." The mans face filled with shock as he began to feel his arms becoming numb along with his feet and soon his face. He fell to the ground and stopped moving as his heart soon stopped beating leaving Hansel dancing over his corpse. "It's not fun and games until someone gets hurt..." 

• 12/21/2015

   The fact that the mission was supposed to be simple, a single wizard job, ran through her head in an uncharacteristic sarcastic way, 'Yes... except we forgot to inform you the theif we need to to rid us of is a dark wizard from a dark freaking guild!' as it was the same time this thought went through her head she skidded around the corner of one building using the lamp post next to it as a piviot point one boot heel scraping against the cobblestone of the street, "Crap crap crap crap... gotta get him away from people, away from innocents." Her eyes locked on the enterence to the deserted run down part of the old village.

   "Awww come on little girl! Afraid of a man are you!?" the pounding foot steps of the large male following her echoed in the increasingly empty streets and alleys of the deserted half of the village. The sharp whistling of something airborn caused her to duck boots sliding on the more broken stones that now littered the street. She let herself fall twisting to one side to land on her hip and slide into what had, she suspected, been the village square. She let her momentum carry her into a fallen group of stones the 'clang clan clan' of the needles that had been shot at her bouncing off of the stone now sheilding her head.

   "Shit!" she hissed the word as she pushed herself backwards with her hand moving to a crouch behind the pile of stones rather than hiding in the little cubby hole that she'd slid into. She peeked through a crack in the stones to see the man, a huge beast of a man who was balding and covered in rather badly done tattoos, sizing up the rubble pile. She placed her hand on the stone at her feet, "Fairy Wing!" the rainbow magic circle that appeared under her lifted her hair and ruffled her clothing as the magic washed over her forming two fragile looking fairy wings on her back.

   "Iron Crusher!" she lept just as the large block of iron would have fallen on her crushing where the rubble and herself had been hiding, as it was now she was hovering in the air both hands extended.

   "Crystal Spike!" under the man her circle appeared again huge glittering spikes of crystal shooting through the surface trying to tangle him and entrap him rather than kill even as he avoided most a few slicing into his skin and sent several iron disks flying her way. She let out a yelp as one of her wings disintagrated as one of the iron disks touched it, "Crap!" she fell from the air her hands flying out, "Crystal Rain!" down swished her hands and from the air glitter formed and fell to the earth in streaks of light that left holes where ever it crashed to earth with small cracking noises.

   Avalon landed on her feet then her knees her hands already sliding up into a devensive position as more disks hurtled her way a small dome shape of glittering yet smooth crystal appearing before her. Yet as the disks smashed into it driving her back cracks started to form, she dug into the dirt and cracked stone her boots leaving skid marks, "Crap crap crap... this is not what I signed up for damn it..." she was whining rather loudly right before flying backwards two discks slashing against her shoulders, from her shoulders rose smoke and the smell of something burning as she let out a hiss. The man laughed walking forward, he himself sported quite a few bloody cuts.

   "Oh my, seems the little girl has a problem with my iron." his hand was held out, palm up what looked like molten iron writhing above it, "I think.. I'll shove this bit down your pretty little throat to see what happens." the glob struck out just as she started to stand slamming into her chest knocking her back having become the shape of a pointed spear, this time a scream came from her as she flew back smacking into another pile of rubble. The man laughed as she twitched in the rubble laying there for a moment, and then there was a growl from that pile of rubble as she started to push herself up, her ponytail having come mostly down so that lilac hair covered most of her face.

   "Stupid... idiotic... dark wizards!" with her screach of anger came the flare of her magic circle as she swayed to her feet where it had appeared lifting her hair to show a huge crack starting in her chest and spiderwebbing it's way up her chest and neck to flow across half of her face where rainbow hued eyes who's pupils had dialated to the smallest size locked on him, "I hate your kind! Glitter Bomb!" with that another pair of wings flared to life on her back glittering as she streaked forward one hand reaching back her palm open a small glimmer of light in the center as she rocketed forward slamming that hand palm first into his stomach lifting him off of his feet, another circle appared under them both, "Crystal Shell!" from the ground erupted more crystal smooth and glittering as it formed a perfect dome around them before the detonation of her glitter bomb. 

   The sound inside the dome was deafening throwing her back against the crystal as she threw up arms to sheild herself and the man screamed in horror and pain as the crystal dust shreaded his clothes and his skin along his stomach and chest. When the noise ended the doam shattered into dust falling around them both, she straighted and blinked down at the man now laying prone on the ground silent and still but not dead, "Now... off to jail for you mister." she giggled the words the seriousness she had shown moments before gone behind a cheerful mask as she flittered forward reaching down to draw his hands together crystal forming around them both before she started dragging him off not seeming to notice the horror she appared as chunks of thin crystal falling off of her body and face as if it were a broken mask that looked identical to her showing the black burns under the crystal where any iron of any kind had touched her, "Yay... now I have money for sweets this week!"

• 12/29/2015

It was morning; noon was approaching as anyone could tell by looking up towards the sky. In a remote forest the light of the sun shined just right to allow the leaves to scatter rays of sunlight all across the forest floor. Small rodents would be out collecting insects for their meals but with their heightened senses they could feel someone approaching, because of this they ran off back to their burrows. What they heard was a rather tall man about 6’3” in height. He wore a vest with bandages over his body and an overcoat thrown over his shoulders that flowed as he walked. He wore simple pants while wearing boots that left their impression in the dirt with every step he took however the strangest thing on the man, attire wise, would be his facemask. The mask seemed to hold no real purpose other than a fashion accessory. Aside from strange attire the only thing odd about him was his light purple hair, but that is easily over looked. This man’s name is Dio and his purpose for being out in this forest is not for a morning hike, instead he is tasked with taking down a target that has threatened to clear out the forest, leaving not a single tree standing. Dio has a deep seeded respect for nature, going out of his way to protect plant and animal life so this mission strikes a personal cord with him.

Dio’s march through the forest would come off as odd since he didn’t look around or change course, he just moved forward. He walked as if his goal would appear directly before him and because of this instinct it did. A muscular man was hunched over near a tree; the sound of meat being pulled, twisted and chewed could be heard from the man. Once Dio was close enough he could see that the thing the man was eating was a deer. Dio spoke, his mask muffling his voice, “Are you the one the call Obek? The one who threatened to burn down this forest?” The man stopped eating and rose to his feet; as if his muscular appearance wasn’t enough he stood at an imposing 7’8” his eyes white as clouds. His upper body was exposed and his lower body was coved by torn pants as if he has been in countless battles beforehand. He then spoke in a gravelly yet booming voice, “Indeed, I am the one who has made that claim… You don’t look like someone who could stop me.” Dio threw off his over coat and began walking closer to Obek, Obek approaching him as well. “I don’t look like a lot of things, but appearance means nothing because im going to send you flying.” Once each of the men were two feet away from each other they launched a punch at each other, their fists collided with each other and created a shockwave strong enough to make the trees of the forest sway and create cracking sounds as they swayed.

“Oh? You canceled out my magic with your own? Impressive.” Obek stated as he pulled his fist back and took a karate punching pose, wide stance with the feet and hands held at his hips. Dio was sweating a bit because he didn’t expect Obek to use the type of magic he did and if his fist didn’t connect with Obek’s there would have surely been damage don’t to the forest and himself. What sort of magic does Obek use one might wonder, its simple he uses Blast Magic. Once in his stance he prepared to throw a punch which made contact with Dio’s fist. It had the same effect as before but this time Obek would begin to rapidly hurl punches, making a sort of game out of the fight knowing that Dio will do what he can to stop his attacks from hitting the forest. To Obek’s surprise he was able to keep up with the punches quite well, in fact a bit too well. It was in this moment Dio said “Meteor Hail” he imbued his fists with crash magic and began to outpace Obek, his fist making contact with the monster of a man’s face and upper body. The final punch was aimed at his gut and it sent him sliding back, Dio collapsed to a knee after this catching his breath and looking at how red his hand had turned. “Never thought I had to hit something that solid in my life… He’s build like a damn mountain.” Dio staggered to his feet after making that statement to himself, Obek hunched over in the distance, still on his feet. Dio was going to approach him, clenching his fist for his final attack however he stopped seeing Obek raise his palm at him.

Dio knew he was caught off guard, miscalculating that fact that Blast Magic has range and Obek would take advantage of this range. The ground below Dio began to glow and exploded sending him flying above the tree line and into the sky. Obek wasted no time giving chase as he leapt high into the air towards Dio. As Obek approached Dio he opened his eyes, clenching his right fist tightly as he hit the arc if his trip into the sky. “Obek you should have concentrated that blast somewhere other than the ground.” Dio said this to aggravate him and Obek snarled back, “I have the full effect of range and you don’t! I win this round you pitiful mage!” Dio slowly moved his fist forward, not towards Obek but at the sky, even Obek was confused by this action. There was a moment of silence, or rather a moment where all sound vanished as Dio mouthed the words “Crack the Skye” and with a single punch he literally cracked the sky, a thunderous sound echoed throughout the forest, meanwhile Dio drifted away from the crack in the sky so that Obek could clearly see it. Seeing Dio fatigued from preforming that feat he reached out his hand to blast Dio once more but was halted when he was struck by lightning that fired from the crack in the sky. It caused a decent sized explosion above the tree line, dealing no damage to the forest itself. The two men fell, Obek hitting the forest floor with a thud while Dio used his crash magic to cushion his fall. Dio had lost his mask due to the first explosion but there was nothing special Dio was hiding, confirming the mask was just an accessory.

Once Dio stood to his feet, inhaling the air of the forest a giant shadow loomed over him, he quickly put up his guard as he was swatted away into a tree, which halted him from flying back any further. He coughed up some blood and was on his hands and knees trying to recover. Obek approached him, looking at his own hand. “You should be dead from a swat like that, and that tree shouldn’t be standing. You took a lot out of me you brat. Since you care so much for this forest im going to grind you into paste and spread it around to help the trees grow. But then im going to incinerate it.” Dio began laughing a bit to himself and Obek raised his fist but stopped and backed away when Dio began crying, no bawling. Tears and snot ran down his face as he cried about how he wanted another chance, just one more chance to beat Obek. The giant man was paralyzed, not by magic but by the strange sight he saw, he never saw a man lose control and start crying like that in the middle of a fight. “H-have some pride… you dealt far more damage to me than I would have expected from anyone.. just stop crying its weird.” Dio continued crying but his words changed, “I-Is it b-b-b-bothering y-y-you?” He said and Obek would respond, “Yes it is! I almost feel bad for wanting to finish you off now, its so pathetic.” Dio waited for his que, Obek lowered his hand, his body relaxed a look of shame crossed Obek’s face and like that his guard was completely dropped.

In that instant, that one fatal mistake by Obek, Dio would be able to capitalize. He stood to his feet quickly, pulling his fist back all in one fluid motion, Obek had not a single clue what was going on due to him closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. This moment would seem to take place in a soundless atmosphere, similar to when Dio cracked the sky. The next and last thing Obek would hear would be, “Meteor Hail”, by the time his head began to raise up, by the time his eyes started to open he was already punched 10 times. His body rushing with adrenaline made him see things in a world of slowed time, Dio’s fist flying towards him and making contact, breaking a rib on that punch. He would spit up blood and look up to see a leaf floating slowly to the ground, Dio’s fists were moving faster than this leaf along with his blood. His punches would make contact with the blood before making contact with his body. In real time Dio was unleashing a rush of punches, that would pick the dirt and dust off the ground and swirl it around, his punches imbued with crash magic were shattering Obek’s bones and internal organs due to his guard being dropped earlier. The final punch Dio would launch was an uppercut that not only sent Obek flying but broke his jaw as well. Dio would hunch over, his arms dangling in front of him as he recollected his energy after about 15 seconds Obek would hit the ground, motionless as Dio moved his way over to him. “G…g…going to…” Obek struggled to speak, so much damage done to his body made it difficult. “t..t…t.. take… Me… in…” Dio looked at the man and shook his head before bringing his fist down one last time on his face, killing him, the damage of the last punch was better left unknown as Dio walked away with his fist covered in blood. “No, you belong to the forest now.

Aside from cracks in the ground, broken branches and a few tilted trees the forest had managed to survive the short battle between the two mages. Dio managed to find his coat and limped his way out of the forest hoping to find some well needed rest and recuperation. “If I wasn’t in that forest I could have used my powers more freely… Live and learn I suppose, the fights only get rougher from here on out.”

• 1/8/2016

A new day started, the sun was rising up to the sky in the early summer morning and birds chirped while the other animals woke up too within the forest, small animals started searching for food and the deer started eating grass and take care of their children. Other animals would just play around with each other. Near the Forest in a small town, about a mile away, the town people woke up from their slumber. Among them a few were already up, the baker had begun with making bread in the early morning, and as such the smell of freshly baked bread filled the streets of this town. Other people who had woken up early were the farmers and woodcutter as well as the huntress. As the woodcutter and Huntress had to take a mile trip to the forest through the plains. The towns name was Metarch, although small, the town is fairly well-known, this because of a guild it is home to, the Demon howl Guild. However the Guild is currently being renovated under the command of a new Guildmaster Kaneda. Some of the town people would help rebuilding the guild, while others got them lunch. The guild had several members among those was a twenty-nine year old man called Takamiya Fuji, He had joined the guild several years ago before leaving and rejoined on Kaneda’s request. Currently he was located within a forest a mile from the guild itself, meditating on top of a rock in the middle of a lake in front of a waterfall. This was the spot Fuji could almost always be found between 4 and 8 am. Taking a deep breath, and slowly exhaling again, both legs were crossed and his wrist rested on his knees while his hands loosely made a circle with the thumbs and index fingers. Around the rock several fish were swimming in a circle. On his shoulder were birds and beavers were creating a dam. Deers drunk from the lake and a bear was trying to catch a fish. At the edge of the lake were two girls watching Fuji. One was wearing a yellow dress with spikey frills and had long pink hair. The other wore short pants and a red sweater with a blue cat on it. She had red hairs and glasses. Both were about 18 years and seemed to be staring at Fuji’s body. As Fuji was only wearing shorts while meditating, which revealed his muscular body. After another hour the church clock sounded and Fuji got up from the rock. Although it was just 7 am. He’d jump to the edge of the lake and put his clothes on, which consisted of a purple tank top, a jacket he wore loosely, which caused it to hang off his shoulder at his arm mostly. He wore black leather pants and had medium long hair that reached till the upper side of his back.


He then moved towards the village, ignoring the girls as it’d take about 5 to 10 minutes to get back to the guild. The girls of course followed him without second thought, about three feet behind him. On his way back to the guild he heard a loud explosion coming from the village, looking towards it he saw the church clock tower burn in flames, blinking at the sudden explosion for a moment, he immediately rushed towards the village afterwards. After taking about two minutes to reach the village, leaving the girls behind he saw people run out of town and around to get their partners or children. Near the church he saw three people standing. All three were dressed in a black cloak with a mask on. A minute late three of Fuji’s guild members showed up as well at the scene. “What happened here Fuji?” A brown haired guy wearing a cowboy’s outfit asked. Fuji glanced at him before looking back at the three people in cloaks. “No idea, all of a sudden the clock tower exploded while I was on my way back from my daily meditation session.” The other two guild members then walked forwards, a bare chested one with a large lion like hair style asked the three about it. “Who are you and why did you attack this town?” But before he could react he was blown by one of the three cloaked people straight past Fuji, who simply dodged. The cloaked figure then attempted to also punch the female guild member but was blocked by Fuji’s hand, followed up by a well-aimed punch in the face, breaking the cloaked figures mask and blow him away. Both of the other two cloaked figures did not seem to care much. “Well then boss, let’s start.” The cloaked figure in the front nodded. “Illusion magic: Thought world!”


Within moments the world around them changed, the town faded, and instead they were located in the middle of a desert filled with mountains and miles of sand. Fuji glanced around and used his incredible sense of smell which surprised him. This ‘illusion’ was real. The smell of a desert, stone and sand were clearly smelled. All scents from the town were gone. What more the man he had just taken out stood right behind illusion magic user again with no damage, which was close to impossible, as Fuji’s punch could easily crush a concrete wall with medium strength. The female guild member who was about 17 years old at most, wore a white dress and bunny ears on her head with her blonde hairs reaching till her knees, tugged on Fuji’s arm. “Fuji-san… we’re surrounded…” When Fuji heard her say this he started to pay more attention around him, they were indeed surrounded, but why had he not noticed this before? There was an army of around 200 standing around the three guild members. “Illusion magic, I hate Illusion magic...” He said in annoyance as the leader moved forwards. "Takamiya Fuji, one of the older and former S class members of the Demon howl guild in its third era under the third guild master. We’ve heard about you, your magic is incredibly rare, as you can adapt to any situation, your only weakness known is the reality illusion magic. Now we shall take you out, and then the other members of your guild including this new pathetic guild master.” Fuji stood with his back to him and was instead of listening talking to the cowboy. “Try I your magic works, it should work. This magic is an illusion, but at the same time a reality, my magic can’t adapt to this because it doesn’t understand whether it’s real or not, I also can’t use my ice magic. But the sand can be used.” The leader of the army got irritated as he was ignored. “Attack my minions!” The army started to attack. The girl was taken on Fuji’s back as her magic wasn’t useful in combat, only for sensory tasks. Fuji jumped up and shouted out. “NOW!” The cowboy smirked as the army rushed towards him. “Quicksand lake” He placed his hand on the sand, and a massive magic circle appeared, Everyone in range which was about 25%, meaning 50 people of the army started to sink into the sand, screaming for help. The rest of the army watched in horror while some tried to save some of the closer ones. “What? This can’t be, how can one man have so much magic powe- You aren’t just some person…”  The cowboy raised to his feet and took off his hat and placed it on his chest before making a bow. “Eric Stormheart, former S class member of the Demon howl guild in its former era.” The leader blinked “Two former S classes? How could we miss this?” Fuji landed next to Eric with his hands in his pockets. “Let’s get this party started, the one who takes down the least people buys lunch.” Eric chuckled. “Fine by me.” Then both rushed forwards leaving two massive dust trails. Fuji then kicked one of the wizards in front of him in his stomach, blowing him through the enemy ranks, taking down twenty others with him. Two wizards tried to attack the girl on his back, but Fuji did a backflip to dodge and placed his hands on their heads and head-butted them together. Meanwhile Eric used the sand around him to blow the enemy away. “Sand tornado!” A massive tornado appeared around Eric, hurling about twenty-five enemies into it and into the sky. After about twenty minutes the army had been beaten by both Fuji and Eric, leaving only the leader and other two guys left.


“Alright, we can probably get rid of the illusion after beating their leader.” Eric nodded and both went for the leader, however both clashed with something and were thrown back. The second masked figure had removed his cloak and wore a huge shield and a burning sword. “You won’t win this easily, I am worth twice- Oi are you listening“ Fuji then held up two fingers looking at Eric. “I got Scissors, I win.” Eric pouted, holding up his hand and looking at it. “Elaine, you stay with Eric.” She nodded and got off his back, Fuji then walked towards the armored man. “Let’s start this.” In a rush of anger the man swung down his burning blade, but was dodged by Fuji, who threw a punch at his chest which he blocked with the shield. However the blow was powerful enough to throw him back a few feet. He then used this to quickly head after the man and punch him into the sand, immediately punching the leader in the face as soon he went further. This blew the leader through a hole in reality it looked. “This is no illusion magic… this is spatial dome magic!” Fuji, now knowing this used his only current elemental magic. “Ice make: the impaler’s spears!” Then everyone except the guild members got impaled and the dome broke, only leaving the leader, who seemed to be the only real thing. “Dome and illusion magic, that’s why my magic didn’t work.”


An hour later the rune knights took the man and the fight was over. “I swear, I hate illusion magic. My magic never knows what’s real anymore even if I do know…” Eric and Elaine laughed out loud as they listened to his complaining.

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